$400.5B Economic Boost from Air Travel

The Economics of Air Travel
Pixabay.com The Economics of Air Travel

Are you flying today? If so, you’re one of 11.9M people traveling by air each day.

In a Nutshell: According to recent market research by finance company, HSBC, $400.5B is the economic contribution from air travel.   They named this group “Flyland,” as it’s the 25th largest economy in the world.  The study also reported that the average age is 45 and most speak English.  The study also revealed that travelers are positive about the benefits of travel as a way to broaden their mind, they feel more independent (77%) and more confident (73%).

Pat yourself on the back if you’re one of the 47% that started a conversation with the person next to you and more kudos to you if you’re one of the 12% that made a lasting friendship from your flight.

And there were some annoying factors in the study like those seat kicking children with 65% saying it’s the biggest taboo along with being rude to flight attendants at 56%. I’m glad most of us are in agreement with these. What about cheering when the plane lands? 15% find that annoying.

If you like stats about travel, then you may also find it interesting that Americans spend an average of $51.32 per flight (aside from their ticket), which includes paying for on-board Wi-FI, food, drinks (including alcoholic) and most (72%) use their credit card.

Buh bye, now.

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