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I'm interested in an all-inclusive resort that promotes "Wellness". Something similar to Canyon Ranch in the US but with a really great beach and warm pool. I'm really looking for a regulated meal and exercise program, plus a class or two on nutrition. Any thoughts?

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Hi Jean,

That's a great question!  I'll ask our "Wellness Expert" (Donna) to chime in here, but one that I'm aware of that is close (but not exactly) what you're looking for is Rancho La Puerta - it's not located anywhere near a beach (it's in Tecate, Mexico) BUT it offers a super-healthy menu of organic lacto-ovo-vegetarian choices, much of it grown on their own organic farm. It's also a high-end spa resort with many fitness options.  One downside is that wine and (Tecate) beer are served only on Fridays, which although healthier for you does turn off some visitors.

That said, many all-inclusive resorts have added a lot of healthy meal options to their menus, and if you communicate with them in advance to let them know about any particular food requirements (for example allergies or sensitivities, or if you follow a special diet such as vegan, paleo, etc.), they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Be sure to check out Donna's post on "Best All Inclusive Resort Gyms" - all of the resorts she mentions offer a great selection of fitness classes and opportunities to learn about nutrition and wellness.


Hi Jean,
Thanks for your note and thanks Trisha for mentioning Rancho la Puerta.
If you can go without a beach, then Rancho la Puerta is by far one of the best 'wellness' options outside
of the U.S.  With that said, The BodyHoliday would be a great fit to include wellness+beach and is located in
St. Lucia. They also offer customized meal plans and an ayurvedic approach, if that's also of interest.

This link offers some more information:

There's a new wellness resort opening in Mexico and I can update this thread with more information once I get all of the details.

I hope this helps! Feel free to connect if you're interested in more on The BodyHoliday or Rancho la Puerta.

To your wellness!
- Donna :)


Thanks for all of the great information. It makes my choice of selecting an all-inclusive resort with a wellness aspect easy.

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