Couples San Souci – $7M Renovation & Closing Dates Scheduled

Couples San Souci Renovation

We love makeovers and we’re looking forward to seeing this transformation!

In a nutshell: Couples San Souci will close on May 1 and they’ll do a ‘partial’ reopening on (or about) July 1. They’re saying it will be completed in late October….so be aware.   They will spend $7M on renovation so we are excited to see the results.

This is the Couples Resort with the winding stone walkways, hidden grottos, au naturel beach and yes, the natural mineral springs.

Did you know that travelers have been going to the San Souci mineral springs since the 1700’s – long before Couples San Souci.   Unique in so many ways.

In 2015 they renovated 72 suites and the Palazzina restaurant and kitchen.   And this will be a bigger renovation.

Here’s what will be updated:

  • Lobby Updates
  • 78 suites and Hibiscus Cottage
  • Balloon Bar Terrace and Balloon Bar
  • Changes to the Band Gazebo
  • Casanova Restaurant and kitchen
  • Bella Vista Restaurant
  • and relocating the tennis courts near Sunset Beach

What you need to know now:
You’ll be contacted by Couples Resorts if you have a reservation during these renovation dates so you can make different arrangements.  It’s also a good idea to reach out to the resort as soon as you can though so you can get the best available options.  That’s what I would do…..

Bookmark this page as we’ll be updating this when more info comes out about reopening dates, etc.

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