[TakeOver] Nudies at The Tower by Temptation Cancun

Temptation Cancun
Temptation Cancun

Spring has finally sprung, and the sunnier days and warmer temps cause some of us to start daydreaming about….running nekkid on the beach….? (Don’t tell me you’re not!)

Q. What’s this I’m hearing about some “Takeover” at Temptation Cancun?

A. It’s like this, see? Me and Tony and a coupla’ the boys are meetin’ behind Barney’s Garage at midnight, then we’re takin’ over that Tower, see? But don’t tell nobody, capiche?

In a Nutshell: The REAL answer is that due to popular demand, Original Resorts is relaxing the topless-only rules for a full two weeks (one week early October and one week in December), at Temptation Cancun, where the “Tower” section of the resort will get the “Temptation Grand” experience and so for those weeks will be couples only, with au naturel areas and a private playtime room.

The Where:

Check PricesTemptation Cancun and The Tower by Temptation is an upscale, fun-filled, high-energy resort with a party-all-the-time atmosphere and a sexy vibe, and is open to all adults (ages 21+). It also features all the usual luxury touches and amenities, gourmet cuisine, and a fabulous Spa, along with sexy Theme Nights and rockin’ daytime and nighttime entertainment.

Most importantly to a number of sun-seekers is that they also allow topless sunbathing in designated areas.

The What:

The Check Prices'Takeover' of The Tower by Temptation is ONLY for The Tower, a specific building and room category, and for all other weeks of the year, save the two weeks of “Takeover”, it operates the same as any other part of the resort (open to all adults 21+, topless only).

But for these two weeks in 2024 – September 29th to October 5th, and December 8th to the 14th – The Tower will become “Grand” – they’ll accept reservations from couples only, and will allow guests to experience a similar concept in place at their sister resorts, Check PricesDesire Riviera Maya and Check PricesDesire Pearl, which means that if you stay in The Tower during those weeks, you’ll enjoy au natural (fully clothing-optional) areas including the Sky 3.5 jacuzzi lounge and VIP sundeck, as well as a private playtime room and other exclusive amenities.

The Why:

Why is Temptation doing this Takeover? Clothing Optional resorts are becoming more popular as a vacation concept for adults, whether coupled-up or not. The few clothing-optional resorts, such as the Desire Resorts mentioned above as well as Hidden Beach, are often fully booked, so this is a way to offer the same clothing-optional concept to those who can’t get into their first choice resort, as well as to introduce the concept to vacationers who already know and love the Temptation brand, but may be interested in trying something new.

Check out the FAQs below or visit their Page for more info:
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Got more questions? Temptation Cancun has prepared an FAQ to help answer additional questions, you can view it by tapping on the Title, and/or download it by tapping on the blue button, here:

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