All Ritmo? It’s newmo to me

All Ritmo Cancun Waterpark
All Ritmo Cancun Waterpark

Ok….so maybe I don’t know everything about beach resorts.

But I have sand in places that I can’t seem to get out.

Was crushing a Bloody and catching up on Travelzoo’s latest when I ran across Check PricesAll Ritmo Resort & Waterpark in Cancun.

Sooo…since I am a sucker for Waterparks, I just had to find out what all the fuss was about.

I found that All Ritmo not only has big playtoys – but also some amazing prices…..  Junior suites for like 2 Benjamins a night,

and a deposit of $50 for a week’s stay……So all you ADHDs that can’t decide can lock in rooms for less than a trip to Starbucks.

And their CFAR (Check PricesCancel for any reason insurance) was reasonably priced – and included trippus interruptus and medical.

Jake can’t vouch for the place…..have never been there……

But I am always looking for a great place to get all my wives and kids together for some bonding.

Will keep the sand warm for you……..

:-0)  Jake

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