Advertising Guidelines – Effective January 2, 2020

We accept advertising for our banner, sidebar, footer and in-content text links as well as single-post end-of-content graphic or text link ads.

We reserve the right to decline proposed ads for any reason (see note #1 below). Generally speaking as long as an ad is deemed by us to be of value or interest to our readers, and in keeping with the intention of the site, ads are approved.

Please read the Notes section and ensure that your ad is approved before payment is made.


  1. ALL ads MUST be related to our core focus of the all-inclusive industry, or relevant to travelers such as travel products, travel suppliers, and destinations where there are all-inclusive resorts to be found. We may consider non-relevant ads, but the rate will be higher, because a non-relevant ad would be taking the space of one that would be of greater interest to our readers and thus should perform better.
  2. The top banner spot (728×90 rectangular leaderboard ad) may filled with randomly displayed affiliate ads in any month for which no single advertiser purchases exclusive use of the space (thus, if you purchase exclusive use of that space, only your ad will be shown for any month purchased). Alternatively, you may elect to purchase shared use of that space, meaning that your Ad will be randomly shown along with up to, but no more than, 10 other advertisers at each page refresh (each time a page is served a single Ad will randomly be selected and shown on that page).
  3. All Ads must be approved before payment is made. Once approved, all Ad purchases are payable via PayPal only and must be paid in advance before Ads will be displayed. BAI reserves the right to decline to accept any Ad. If payment has been made prior to Ad approval, a full refund will be initiated within five (5) business days (thus allowing time to modify an Ad to obtain approval).
  4. Discounts are available for long-term pre-paid purchases: 15% discount for six-month pre-paid purchases, 20% for one-year pre-paid purchases.
  5. Simple animation is allowed in graphic ads but no flash. Please keep in mind that if an animated graphic is too garish or annoying (as determined solely by BAI), it may be declined, as many studies indicate that site visitors dislike ugly animated ads, and we do not want to drive site visitors away.
  6. No JavaScript links – only standard URL links are accepted.
  7. Once an Ad is approved, both the creative (image) and landing page must not be changed without prior approval. If either the creative or the landing page are changed without prior notice, BAI reserves the right to remove the Ad without pro-rating the payment made (this will in almost all cases only be invoked if the changes are found to be offensive or contrary to the interests or purpose of BAI).
  8. ALL ads are “nofollow, noindex”. If you require a ‘dofollow’ link please contact us and we’ll negotiate a price – do-follow links are more expensive, naturally.

Rates, Questions, Etc.

If you’re interested in pursuing advertising opportunities with, please use this form to get in touch with us, someone will respond as quickly as possible during our working hours.