What is

BAI is the premiere online resource for enthusiasts of all-inclusive travel, featuring all-inclusive industry news and insider information on all-inclusive resorts and destinations.

Why should I write for

  1. Your Author byline and Bio can link to your website and a number of social media accounts. Your Author Page can also link directly to recent content on your own website or blog (via an RSS feed section) if you have a blog feed.
  2. WE will promote any articles of yours published on our site across our social networks and other media outlets, which will help you increase your own website traffic and social media fans/followers.

What type of content is looking for?

For the most part, our content falls into two general categories:

  • Breaking news items – up-to-the-minute topical and relevant news on the all-inclusive industry, all-inclusive resort happenings, all-inclusive-heavy destination news, and *some* general travel news;
  • Original never-before-published articles on topics selected from our Topics List (see below). We will consider reprints — with written permission from the original publisher/publication — if the article is considered by our editorial team to be both high-quality and in keeping with our editorial strategy.

Topics List: We will maintain a topic title listing, from which you may choose a topic IF it shows as “Open”. Article Topics that have been pitched by someone already may show “Assigned” (to another writer). “Assigned” is NOT a guarantee of publication (a writer may fail to submit an assigned article, or a submitted article could still be rejected by our Editors), but once a Topic Title has an accepted article (pending publication), it will be removed from the list.

You may also feel free to pitch an idea or Topic Title to the Editors after you’ve been registered and accepted to write for us, provided that it’s in keeping with the type of content we want to publish as outlined in our Article Guidelines.

What type of writer(s) is looking for?

Excellent spelling and grammar skills are a MUST, but beyond that we want writers who can communicate in a personal, funny, and engaging style.

Our goal is to educate and entertain, but in the same way that you would communicate with friends. Our Titles will grab a reader’s attention, your article must be able to keep that attention. IN other words, our job is to deliver readers to your article, your job is to keep them reading.

We also want writers who are capable of promoting their articles across their various social networks. Part of what we pay for is your ability to help reach our audience and engage with them.

Why do I need to apply?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of writers and bloggers, but we want to work with only the best — those who are great at writing (and self-editing) and who can produce the type of content we want — therefore we have a short vetting process in which we review your currently published work.

What happens after I apply and am accepted to write for

Once you have applied and been accepted, you’ll receive an email containing a login link with a username and password. You may then login and begin submitting articles using the Current Topics List (submitting pitches is restricted to approved and logged-in authors). You are limited to 2 submitted (pending) articles at a time, until one or both has been accepted and scheduled for publication, after which you may submit an additional 1 or 2 articles (no more than 2 in Pending Review status at any time). Editors are notified as articles are submitted, and will respond as quickly as possible with a decision to accept, request edits, or reject your article.

If you are not choosing from the Current Topics List, you may use the same page to send a pitch for a different Topic to the Editors. We will respond to pitches as quickly as possible.

How do I apply to write for

FIRST, please be sure you’ve read our full Article Guidelines and Author Agreement. You will be asked to check a box certifying that you’ve read both on the application form and on every article submission once approved.

THEN please use the link below to access the registration form. ALL fields are required. Our Editorial team will respond as quickly as possible during normal business hours (US/Pacific Time), but in general it can take us a couple of days to review your application and make a decision. If you haven’t received a response within a week after applying (or if you have questions), you may email us at, but please understand that the form is required to apply.

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