Going Topless? Best All Inclusive Resorts for Topless Sunbathing

Best All Inclusive Resorts for Topless Sunbathing

Best topless resorts
Updated: Jun 12th, 2019

Finding all-inclusive resorts where topless sunbathing is allowed isn’t as easy as it sounds — in some places (such as family resorts that cater to a largely North American clientele) it’s frowned upon, or even actively discouraged….

…in other places (such as all public beaches in Mexico) it’s outright illegal, although enforcement is inconsistent. Many resorts in the Caribbean (those that are more European than English) allow topless or nude sunbathing, but very few of them are all-inclusive resorts.

Although you may be able to get away with tanning your ta-tas in a number of places, finding the perfect all-inclusive resort where you can sunbathe topless — without risking offending fellow vacationers, being asked to leave the area, or even paying a fine — takes a bit of research, vital since quite a lot of “lists” of “best all inclusive resorts for topless sunbathing” that I found are outdated….some of the resorts on those other lists no longer allow topless sunbathing, some simply no longer exist. A few of them — when I contacted them to confirm — state that they’ll allow it only if other guests don’t complain (!?!), but that if they do, you may be asked to put your top back on. Harrumph.

But you’re in luck! We’ve done the research for you, and most importantly, we’ll keep our list current. You’re welcome.

So without further ado, here’s our carefully curated list of the best all-inclusive resorts for topless sunbathing. Some resorts have private or semi-private areas for topless (or even nude) sunbathing, other resorts are partially or totally clothing-optional.

Best All Inclusive Resorts for Topless Sunbathing:

As I’ve said, you *may* be able to get away with sunbathing topless in a lot of places, but these resorts will NOT send someone running to ask you to put your top on…..we guarantee it!

And be sure to scroll down for the Best All Inclusive Resorts that are ‘clothing optional’ – ideal if you want no tan lines at all!


  1. Hard Rock Riviera Maya (Riviera Maya, Mexico) – Editor’s Choice for ‘Best Mexican Resort to go Topless”. At the far north end of the the Hard Rock Riviera Maya resort is the ‘adults only’ part of the complex, appropriately called “Heaven”, where you’ll find a beach (“Eden” beach) where you can sunbathe topless. It’s in a private lagoon area and includes an over-the-water gazebo, a huge jacuzzi, a bar, and while there’s no separate restaurant, they do offer beach service and will bring you anything you like from their bar/beverage/food menu.
  2. Temptation Cancun (Cancun, Mexico) – The recently-remodeled Temptation is an adults-only resort with a young-ish crowd (mostly late-twenties to just-breaching-forties, with the occasional younger or older), and three pools (‘fun’, ‘sports’, and ‘quiet’) all of which allow topless sunbathing (but not full-on nudity!). Very fun, party atmosphere, lots of activities, and a sexy vibe.
  3. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso (Playa del Carmen, Mexico) – The Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is chic, elegant, and 5-star all the way. It’s adults only, so topless sunbathing is permitted around the pool, but not on the beach, (because the beach is part of the Iberostar Complex that includes several family resorts). They do play music at the pool, but overall it’s a more relaxed atmosphere, much less of a party-crowd than you’ll find at other all-inclusive resorts.
  4. Breathless Riviera Cancun (Riviera Maya, Mexico) – This is a brand-new, ultra-contemporary chic resort (526 rooms) that’s just a 15 minute drive from the Cancun airport. Featuring three distinct and unique sections – the xhale club section for those seeking an elevated level of personal service and luxury (with an exclusive pool), the energy center for those looking to mix & mingle (with a social pool) and the xcelerate Party Zone for those who live and breathe for the party (with yes, a ‘party’ pool). Topless sunbathing is allowed at one pool (the party pool, natch) and on the beach.
  5. Grand Oasis Sens (Cancun, Mexico) – We recently discovered this resort thanks to input from a reader (thanks Lorna!) and here’s a warning: reviews are decidedly ‘mixed’, some love it and some hate it, but we’re including it because YES you can sunbathe topless at the Grand Oasis Sens. With a fun, romantic, and sexy vibe throughout – from its Casino to a Cabaret-style evening show to a ‘kinky’ night club – this resort is all about adding a healthy dose of sensual pleasure along with your usual vacation relaxation. For topless sunbathing there’s a secluded topless-optional pool, but we recommend booking the Sian Ka’an room category to get the most amenities included.
  6. Jamaica:

  7. Couples Negril (Negril, Jamaica) AND
  8. Couples Sans Souci (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) AND
  9. Couples Swept Away (Negril, Jamaica) AND
  10. Couples Tower Isle (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) – Each of the Couples Resorts has an area designated for topless (but not nude) sunbathing (see below for information on their au natural areas). At Couples Negril, Sans Souci, and Swept Away, you can sunbathe topless on their main beach, and at Couples Tower Isle you can sunbathe topless at the end of the pier off the main beach. Aside from their au natural areas (see below), topless sunbathing is not permitted anywhere else.

BONUS: Best All Inclusive Resorts for Nude Sunbathing

Best Mexican Resorts for Topless Sunbathing

  1. Couples Negril (Negril, Jamaica) AND
  2. Couples Sans Souci (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) AND
  3. Couples Tower Isle (Ocho Rios, Jamaica) – Each of these three Couples Resorts has a small, semi-private area dedicated to au natural (nude) sunbathing (in the case of Couples Tower Isle it’s a small private island located just off-shore with free and frequent ferry service), and both Tower Isle and Sans Souci feature some basic amenities such as restroom facilities, a bar, and a beach grill in their au natural areas. At Couples Negril their au natural beach is separated from the main beach by a hedge and has a bar but no other facilities on the nude side, so if you want to fetch a snack or use the restroom you’ll have to suit-up. Nude sunbathing is not permitted in nor around any of the resorts’ swimming pools, main beach, or other areas.
    It’s important to note that for all three resorts their au natural areas are for couples only – no singles allowed (basically you and your spouse must go together, or not at all), AND you must disrobe completely – it’s go nude or go home….no looky-lous!
  4. Desire Pearl (Riviera Maya, Mexico) AND
  5. Desire Resort & Spa (Puerto Morelos, Mexico) – Both Desire Resorts also made our “Editors’ Choice” list for Best Mexican Resort to go Topless, but you need to know that both are not only adults-only clothing-optional resorts, they’re also strictly for couples only — no singles allowed. Clothing is required in restaurants, but elsewhere on the resorts total nudity is not only acceptable but is actively encouraged – as with many clothing-optional resorts, guests do not appreciate the ‘looky-loos’, so don’t go if you’re not prepared to disrobe. Average age of guests (at both) is early-thirties to late-forties, with a few younger or older couples. The resorts are both very elegant and upscale, with gourmet cuisine. It could have been a fluke of timing but I found the vibe at Desire Pearl to be a tad quieter and relaxed, whereas at Desire Riviera Maya things seemed a bit more active and noisy (in a good way). I like a fun, party atmosphere, but I know a lot of others prefer less noise and activity.
  6. Hidden Beach (Riviera Maya, Mexico) – Hidden Beach is a smallish, but elegant nude resort that, unlike many categorized as ‘clothing-optional’, is actually all-nude, all the time…… beach, pool, restaurant, nightclub …..they even have an evening at the Spa (shared with sister-resort El Dorado Seaside Suites) that can be enjoyed nude (guests from Seaside are warned that they will likely encounter nudists at the Spa during that time). Hidden Beach is for nudists, not lifestylers (aka ‘swingers’), and the average age of guests (at least while I was there, and I’m told it’s typical) is early-forties to late-sixties….with the occasional younger or older couple.
  7. Grand Lido Negril (Negril, Jamaica) – Fans of the former Grand Lido Negril (a very popular destination with the au naturel crowd) will be thrilled with this built-from-the-ground up brand new – albeit much smaller – Grand Lido Negril, which opens in March 2017. This clothing-optional all-inclusive resort has a private pool with a pool bar and grill, impressively elegant rooms (26 of them, all with an ocean view), premium Butler Service and 24-hour room service, and includes access to the next-door resort Royalton Negril and Hideaway at Royalton Negril, where you’ll find a wide array of restaurants and bars, a full-service Spa and Fitness Center. It’s important to note that there is no beach at the new Grand Lido Negril, and please also note that while the rooms, pool, and private areas at Grand Lido Negril are clothing-optional, use of the facilities and services of Royalton Negril and Hideway at Royalton Negril do require clothing.
  8. Hedonism II (Negril, Jamaica) – Even with Hedo’s wild reputation, it still has a “semi-prude” section (clothing optional, which means there may very well be nudists there too) as well as it’s world-famous “totally nude” section, where you can sunbathe topless, or au naturel, at the pool however the beach on that side of the resort is ‘nude-required’. There are signs that tell you which side you are leaving and entering. Each section (nude and prude) has it’s own building (rooms), pool & swim-up bar. Even though there is a ‘clothing-optional’ section (where you may remain clothed), I’d advise you not to go if full-on nudity makes you uncomfortable …. although restaurants DO require diners to be clothed, it really just means ‘barely covered’, and you may see someone who is nude approach to check out the menu or inquire about seating, and occasionally denizens of the ‘nude’ side escape and run amok, particularly after a few drinks.
    Important Note: Hedo II is regularly booked by Lifestyle groups who take most of the resort — if swinging isn’t your thing, just be sure to check with your travel agent before you book.
  9. Caliente Caribe (Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic) – EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re checking on this one – seems to be closed, but we’ll update this soon.
  10. Club Orient (St. Martin, FWI) – EDITOR’S NOTE: CLUB ORIENT IS STILL temporarily closed following extensive damage from Hurricane Irma – we will update this as soon as they re-open. Club Orient is NOT an all-inclusive resort, BUT it is a beautiful family-friendly clothing-optional resort located on the most famous nude beach in the Caribbean, and it does offer an all-inclusive, clothing-optional day cruise. Given it’s gorgeous location (one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the French West Indies), at Club Orient you’ll find a typically European relaxed vibe, and entire families enjoying the fab weather (year-round average temps of 85 degrees) and crystal clear ocean in the buff.
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  1. You’ve done your research. I for one really appreciate that. Having vacationed in the South of France, it’s normal for women to go topless. However, the whole world (English in particular) does not see it this way. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso sounds ideal. I like having the choice.
    What’s the temperature like in January? Is the pool heated?

    • Hi Nancy,
      You’re so right – in many other countries outside of North America, going topless — or even nude — is just no big deal…..here in the US we have a hard time letting go of our puritanical roots. :-)

      As for the weather in most of Mexico in January, it’s generally warm, not hot…..daytime temps can range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s but it’s usually sunny, and not nearly as humid as it is in the summer. But it’s a rare resort that heats its pools with anything other than sunshine…..for the most part if you stay in the shallower end and it’s sunny then it’s actually pretty pleasant. Remember though that “jacuzzi” doesn’t mean the same thing as “hot tub”, it often just means that you’ll find bubble jets, but the water is the same temp as the main pool.

  2. Trisha, Terrific information! It is great to have this type of information available before investing in a vacation and maybe be disappointed on arrival. That said you do have one of your facts in need of updating. Couples Negril’s section is not topless. The rule is nude only, nudity is required in that area. It is to discourage “lookey loos”.

    • Thanks Tim! Although Couples *does* allow topless sunbathing on their main beach, you are correct that the section beyond the hedge is for nudists only so I’ve updated the post for clarity – thanks for pointing out our confusion! :-)

    • Hi Patrick – thanks for stopping by and mentioning this – after seeing your comment we called Breathless Punta Cana for an update, and were told on the phone by a rep that topless sunbathing *is* allowed at ONE pool only, not both, and definitely NOT on the beach (beaches in the DR are all public, as they are in Mexico, and so sunbathers must comply with currently existing no nudity/no topless laws in the Dominican Republic). We’ve updated our post to reflect this, but will continue to monitor this resort to be sure reality lives up to what we’ve been told.
      UPDATE: Per an email from another rep at Breathless, it turns out that topless sunbathing is NOT ALLOWED at their resorts. We’ve amended this Post again to remove that resort — if any of our community members finds something different please let us know – thanks!!

  3. Thank you so much for keeping this updated and current. We were having a difficult time trying to find a suitable resort for our getaway that wasn’t damaged by Irma and so many had mixed reviews. This helped immensely.

    • Hi Kelly – thanks so much! I’m happy this helped you, we do our best but often rely on our readers and members feedback after they’ve been to a resort, so please feel free to stop back here and let us know how your experience was after your trip (which I hope is a fabulous one!). :-)

  4. Hello!
    Looking for advice here…
    I’m looking for a BEAUTIFUL,ROMANTIC ALL INCLUSIVE COUPLES ONLY resort with topless sunbathing allowed (nude acceptable but not required or feel uncomfortable to not go natural.
    Fantastic night life , beautiful beaches,warm/hot weather in March-April.

    • Hello John,

      Thanks for stopping by! That’s a tricky topic because *most* people who frequent au naturel areas do not like folks to be there clothed, as that can make nude sunbathers uncomfortable….so if nudity makes you or your partner uncomfortable, you’re better off to avoid those areas and stick to where just topless sunbathing is allowed.

      To that end, all of the resorts on the list of “Best All Inclusive Resorts for Topless Sunbathing” above will satisfy your requirements for ‘beautiful, romantic, (and) all-inclusive’, but not all are exclusive to ‘couples only’ and not all have or allow ‘nude acceptable’ (we’ve noted those that do have ‘nude’ or au naturel areas above). If those latter two requirements are important then I’d recommend the Couples Resorts listed above (Couples Negril, Couples Sans Souci, and Couples Tower Isle) because they do a particularly great job of providing separate clothed and au naturel areas to allow folks to disrobe as much or little as they want to while keeping any discomfort to a minimum.

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