Budgeting ideas for your Summer Getaway

Planning a family getaway over the summer?  Then you’re also probably reviewing your vacation budget, however, have you considered all of the fees?

For flights:  Unless you’re traveling with Southwest Airlines chances are you’ll have baggage fees, snack fees and seating fees if you’d like comfort.  Bag fees could be from $20-50 per bag each way and snacks could range from $3-$10 per person.   (Bring your own snacks to save and to ensure a healthier option.)

For hotels:  Your rate may not include the resort fee and that can range from $25 per night or more and is typically payable at the resort.  Parking and internet fees may apply so it’s a good idea to check to see if your nightly resort fee includes these extras.

Drinks/Alcohol:  If you’re on an all-inclusive plan in the Caribbean or Mexico your drinks are included (top shelf
may not be), however, if you’re staying in the U.S. and have a meal plan your drinks are most likely not included.

Family pets:  If you’re staying at a pet friendly hotel/resort you’ll want to check on those fees, however, if you’re
looking at boarding your pet the costs can begin at $25 and go up from there.

Security:  If you’re considering TSA PreCheck you’ll need some time to apply and $85.   It could be a great time
saver though and worth looking into.

Tipping, Parking, Tolls, International travel and currency exchange – all of these can drive up costs, too.

Helpful tips when reviewing your costs:

– Plan early
– Review all details and fees carefully
– International travel?  Exchange currency at banks before you leave
– Purchase your travel needs while home i.e. sunscreen, hats, etc.
– Go green! Bring your own water bottles, healthy snacks for your flight, etc.

Planning in advance and noting the details before you go will allow everyone to have a more relaxed trip.

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In addition to being our Editor-in-Chief, Donna Adinolfi is a wellness travel expert, a freelance writer, an award-winning photographer, and the founder/publisher of MindfulAdventures.com. Her 30+ year career includes serving as the Travel & Spa Editor of Balance Magazine as well as planning wellness travel & retreats. An avid fan of the freedom from carrying cash or credit cards, Donna loves to visit all-inclusive wellness resorts in the U.S, and traveling to some of Mexico's and the Caribbean's many all-inclusive resorts several times each year. She's also a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association.

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