Got a Best Beach Bar?

6 Best Beach Bars
6 Best Beach Bars

Now here are some Beach Bar’s I can get behind.

Travelage West – the super top secret mag – just for highly experienced pro’s like me

made their pick of Beach Bars.

Da Conch in Turks & Caicos (Pee nis will never taste the same),

Soggy Dollar on Jost in the BVI (Try their mushroom tea),

Floyd’s in Jamaica mon.

Click here for 6 of the best ways to lose your clothing – and be useless the next day.

But just think of the memories you will create!

Before heading back to Cleveland with a bigassed grin……

That is what vacations are for.

So relax, rekindle and renew your bad habits.

See ya there……

:-0)   Jake



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