Take the Plunge at this All Inclusive Resort

This new all inclusive resort is sparking positive praise from guests.

Check out this perspective.

We’ve been fortunate enough to log more than our fair share of cabana time at various Caribbean resorts. But the seaside sanctuaries at Royalton Blue Waters, a month-old all-inclusive resort in Trelawny, Jamaica, where we checked in last week, might just be the most impressive.

That’s because they have one fabulous feature we’ve never before seen in either beachfront or poolside cabanas: a private plunge pool.

Which means that when you spend the day or evening in a cabana here, you’ll have yet another indulgent option for whiling away a Caribbean day.

You could kick back on the couch and catch the game on the cabana’s 55” flat-screen TV, fortified by perfectly timed Dirty Bananas and nachos presented with perfect timing by your beach butler, Wilford. You could soak up the sun from a chaise overlooking the resort’s infinity pool and lively swim-up bar as lilting reggae rhythms from the live band fills the air. Or, when hunger strikes, you could enjoy a jerk chicken-and-festival feast delivered lightning-fast directly to your chair.

But chances are you’ll spend most of your time doing what we did: Dipping a tentative toe and then a grateful body into the blissfully cool waters of the four-square-foot plunge pool that, at least for now, is exclusively yours. You’ll raise your rum punch to the couples chatting in the infinity pool’s integrated hot tub, and to the guests lazing in gently swinging poolside hammocks.

And you’ll try your very best not to look smug.

But you’ll know, deep down, that here in your own private oasis, you’ve got the best seat in the house.

Sounds fabulous!

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