Travel Tips for Thanksgiving: TSA Says …

TSA Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Traveling over Thanksgiving weekend?

Take the turkey,  leave the wine!

Seriously…..The TSA says you can bring your cooked turkey and trimmings in your carry on sans the gravy, of course.

In a nutshell: Records may or may not be broken over this Thanksgiving travel period even though it’s typically the busiest travel time of the year – beginning the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and lasting through the weekend after.  But, if you are traveling, here are some tips from TSA.

You’ll be able to relax once you’re on the aircraft so maybe these TSA tips will make the process easier for you and your family.

At the top of the list …

Remember to bring your Check Pricesprotective face masks, as this is also Flu Season and traveling by air is one of the most common ways to spread or catch a few germs.

If traveling to Mexico (or any other allowable international destination) – Be sure that your passport is good for 6 months after your return date – for you and your family.   You may not need to be reminded, but someone will be scrambling for their info at the last minute.

And more …

  • Be SURE you reconfirm your flights the day before, and check the weather for the day you are flying.
  • This one you know … Get to the airport early. Two to three hours is best to give yourself time to get through what will be much longer lines at security checkpoints, and you can spend any extra time having a cup of joe or a holiday cocktail near your gate.
  • Bring a water bottle to fill once you’re past security, and take an apple or some trail mix. Some foods are a no-no for your carry on – so know what’s a yay and a nay.
  • Did you know that you could tweet TSA if you have a question about what is allowed in your carry-on, checked bag, etc.? Tweet @AskTSA and there’s also a free MyTSA app with a really cool “Can I bring” feature.

  • Slip-on shoes will save time vs boots. And wear socks – for obvious reasons.
  • When you’re on the TSA line, be proactive and get ready for your turn by emptying your pockets, removing your electronics – laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.
  • It’s also a really good idea to listen to the TSA agents as they may direct you to a short line – yes, please – or give you and your traveling companions other guidance.
  • To speed up getting through the TSA line, consider enrolling in TSA Precheck.
  • Above all  – pay attention and be alert.
TSA Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Happy Thanksgiving!

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