Unlimited Cuban Rum and Cigars Coming to America

The best 3 things to come out of Cuba? Cigars, Rum and Ricky Ricardo!

Now you can propose unlimited toasts to an unlimited number of Cuban cigars with an unlimited supply of Cuban rum.

Many Americans are raising a glass to President Obama for an executive directive that allows you to bring home unlimited amounts of rum and cigars from Cuba for your personal use.

Restricting the import of Cuban cigars and rum into the U.S. took effect in 1962, one of the measures of the U.S. embargo imposed upon Cuba by president John Kennedy.

Some describe the government lifting this restriction as an “interesting footnote to the last two years,” a reference to the series of changes that began on Dec. 17, 2014, when President Obama and Cuban president Raul Castro announced normalized relations between the two countries.

“The White House also has streamlined the process of exporting products from the U.S. to Cuba and vice versa, which opens up opportunities for U.S. shipping companies to get their cargo into Cuba and and expedites cargo shipments, such as pharmaceuticals, from Cuba into the U.S.,” said one lawyer involved, adding that “expanded trade helps the Cuban people and the Cuban economy.”

It’s perfect for people who believe in a two party system. A big party on Friday with unlimited Cuban rum and cigars followed by a bigger party on Saturday.

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