American Guests Pump Up the Digits Choosing Antigua and Barbuda in 2016

America travelers that have visited the twin island country of Antigua and Barbuda numbered over 84,500 by last month.  The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority New York office has reported double digit growth in tourism every month since December 2015 making other countries envious.

Tourism officials point with pride to more than 364 beaches, outstanding hotel choices, amazing resorts and properties that fit just about any budget.

“Through our strategic outreach and engagement with both consumer and trade, we have ensured that the twin-island nation is top of mind for Americans booking their next vacation and look forward to continuing our predicted trend in double-digit growth,” said Kim Jack Riley, Director of Tourism, USA, Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority.

Here are some of the keys to their success.

Successful summer campaign by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority.

Digital effort that focused on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

A destination sweepstakes contest.

A downloadable summer guide.

A travel agent incentive program.

Opened the newest and most modern airport in the Caribbean in fall 2015.

Added incentive for travel, Antigua and Barbuda offer the lowest fares to the Caribbean from one of its key markets, the New York Tri-State area with round-trip fares starting from $247.

Bonus … Voted the Caribbean’s “Most Romantic Destination” by the World Travel Awards for the 2nd consecutive year.

You may want to jump online and discover why so many travelers are making this destination such a big draw before you finalize your vacation plans.

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