AMLO Expands Plans for Yucatan Tourist Train

Yucatan Tourist Train - it's a joke, get it? Ha ha - we have no idea what the train will look like since it hasn't been built yet.

Mexico’s incoming President, Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador aka AMLO (I know, it sounds like a stock symbol, right?!?) recently announced plans to double the scope of the yet-to-be-built tourist train that will link most of the Yucatan peninsula’s tourist attractions.

In a Nutshell: The ‘tourist train’, originally conceived to link popular tourist destinations, will cover nearly twice as many miles and cost a bit more than double it’s original budget, which will be paid for by a combination of private and public funding, some of it coming from tourism taxes.

Although the vacation concept of all-inclusive resorts is gaining popularity year over year, there are those who complain that it robs local businesses of tourism traffic because vacationers stay primarily on resort grounds or on carefully curated tours. Of course, there are those who will complain about everything (mom, the sun is too bright, wah!).

But there are also those (and to be clear, we’re still unsure who ‘those’ are, but we know they exist, like Bigfoot) who are seeking a more ‘authentic’ and ‘experiential’ vacation, folks who want to see more of the local areas even while they want to enjoy included meals and activities at a resort.

The Tourist Train (aka Tran Maya) is intended to allow tourists to travel between various popular destinations without having to join an expensive group tour or pay what could be expensive taxi fares, and will run through areas that are dominated by jungle, wildlife reserves, pre-Hispanic archaeological sites, wetland and underground rivers (sounds like a cool trip to us!), and includes a western spur that could stop in the cities of Campeche, Merida and Valladolid — the latter near the famed ruins of Chichen Itza — and ultimately complete the circuit in Cancun.

We’re hoping it will have a Bar Car serving chips and spill-proof Margaritas!

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