Best All Inclusives with Zip Lines

All inclusive resorts with zip lines

Do you enjoy screaming uncontrollably as you slide down a metal cable with only a harness between you and the void below? Great, then you’ll love these all-inclusive resorts with zip line excursions.

Meliá Braco Village, Jamaica

Adventure Park at Meliá Braco Village

Meliá Braco Village in Trelawny, Jamaica has its very own adventure park on site, with all activities included (suitable for adults and kids over six). The 320-foot long zip line will fly you over a lagoon and a swathe of tropical forest. And if that’s not enough, there’s an obstacle course, trampoline court and a four-lane, 35-foot high rock wall to climb.

Jewel Dunn’s River Beach Resort & Spa, Jamaica

Zip lining at Jewel Dunn's River Resort

Jewel Dunn’s River is an all-inclusive Ocho Rios resort with plenty of fun excursion in the surrounding area, including two different zip line options. The canopy tour will take you across a series of treetop platforms and zip lines as you traverse through the jungle, with rapids and dense forest below. The second option is the zip line at the Mystic Mountain adventure park, one of the top attractions in Ocho Rios. It also has a bobsled course through the jungle, and a chair lift that runs high above the trees. Zip lining isn’t included at Jewel Dunn’s River, but excursions cost as little as $99 per person.

Meliá Caribe Tropical Beach & Golf Resort, Dominican Republic

Zip line at Meliá Caribe Tropical Beach Resort

If your kids are bugging you for a zip-lining holiday but you’d rather swallow fire than slide down a cable, then here’s a good solution. The Meliá Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana has a zip line, but it’s part of the Kid’s Club. So… you can break out the little white lies and be all: “Oh, kids, I’d love to join you on the zip line, but adults aren’t allowed. I’ll just stay here on the beach with my non-alcoholic beverage and educational novel. Have fun and come back in the late afternoon.” Good plan, right?

Belizean Dreams Resort, Belize

Zip lining at Belizean Dreams Resort

Belizean Dreams offers all-inclusive villas with zip lining excursions on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Belize. A few different all-inclusive packages are available, some of which include a combined cave tubing and canopy zip-lining tour. The zip line takes you through the treetops between five platforms ranging from 100 to 500 feet above the ground. You’ll then float through an ancient cave system on your tube, passing by underground sanctuaries that the Mayans once used for ritual sacrifices. Further zip-lining excursions are available at additional cost, including one in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park; at two and a half miles long, this zip line is the longest in Belize, with traverses as high as 2,300 feet!

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, Saint Lucia

Zip lining at Coconut Bay Resort

Zip lining isn’t included at Coconut Bay, but you’ll have a few options starting at around $50 for kids and $90 for adults. The rainforest zip line adventure takes you on a flight through the tropical jungle from one platform to another. Then there’s the Soufriere Hotwire excursion, in which eight zip lines take you across the jungle canopy and over a gorge. If that all sounds like too much adrenaline, the more sedate rainforest sky ride will take you through the jungle in an eight-person gondola. Coconut Bay is also one of the best all-inclusive resorts for waterpark lovers, with the largest waterpark in Saint Lucia.

Moon Palace Cancún, Mexico

Xplor zip line near Moon Palace Cancun

You can use your resort credit at Moon Palace Cancún to visit the Xplor adventure camp, which has all kinds of outdoor activities. These include two zip-lining circuits, each with seven lines flying above the jungle canopy. It’s all within a mile of Moon Palace, so you don’t have to go far before you’re zipping through the jungle like Tarzan. Well, kind of like Tarzan, but — as far as I know — Tarzan never shouted “Oh shhhhhi…….” as he swung from tree to tree. Moon Palace Cancún is also a great resort for golfers, for adults-only nightclubs, and for big-name concerts.

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