Is it really safe for tourists in Cancun?

Even taking recent events into account, Cancun, Mexico is less dangerous than many cities in the U.S.

A quick review of recorded crime statistics shows that there is less crime and violence in Mexico than there is in the U.S. and an even lower rate of violent crime in the popular tourist areas of Mexico.

Cancun and other resort destinations in Mexico rely on tourism as their primary (and in some cases, only) economy……everyone from the Mexican police to the average Cancun citizen takes the safety of tourists very seriously – crime there could have a huge negative impact on their jobs, so they work hard to combat it!

Does that mean there is *no* crime? No, but as long as you’re being as smart as you’d be anywhere (not going out alone at night, not flashing loads of cash, etc. – be sure to read our post on how to avoid travel scams!), you’ll be as safe (if not more so) than you are at home.

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