Hyatt’s Inclusive Collection – Grab your Mankini

Lookin' good in that Mankini Lewis
Flexin' in my new Mankini

Eewwwhhh, I think I just burned my eyeballs.

If you’re hankerin’ to stand around flexin’ in a spanking new Mankini – then the Hyatt Inclusive Collection has a resort just for you.

Hyatt is feeling the ‘need for speed’ – and it’s adding resorts faster than a Tesla in Ludicrous Mode.

In A Nutshell:   Hyatt’s new Inclusive Collection now has all-inclusive resorts all over the globe.   Show up at any of their 9 luxury resort brands to get Loyalty Points, Bonus Loyalty Points, and all-you-can-drink.   Now that is what I call a Hat Trick, eh. 

Their global portfolio consists of some of the best all-inclusive resort brands.

We are talking Hyatt Ziva resorts, Hyatt Zilara resorts, Zoëtry Wellness Resorts, Secrets Resorts, Breathless Resorts, Dreams Resorts, Alua Hotels & Resorts, Sunscape Resorts, and Vivid Hotels & Resorts (which is coming soon).

Not only can you hang out (pun intended) in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean, but you can now schmooze with the Euro-crowd in Mallorca and Greece.

Just go easy on the Ouzo until you have acclimated.   Nothing worse than doing a face plant into your Moussaka on your first day at the resort.

All embarrassment aside, we have been to a ton of their resorts when they were called the AMR Collection by ALG Vacations.

When Hyatt decided to go deep into all-inclusives and bought Apple Leisure Group, they picked up some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world.

After a couple of years of getting their feet wet, Hyatt has now cherry picked the best that the AMR Collection had for their Inclusive Collection.

Go take a peek and check it out for yourself.

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‘I’ll keep the sand warm for ya’

~Jake – the hoser

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