Airfares are Skyrocketing! – Beware….

Flight costs are going up
Flight costs are going up

Rising  fuel costs are forcing airfares up, up and away.

In a nutshell: Flying sucks.  And now it will cost you more to be abused.

We can blame it on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We can blame it on the US airline’s decision not to hedge future fuel costs.

We can blame it on the airline’s ability to gouge us whenever possible.

Regardless of your opinion……Get ready to pay through the schnauzer.

Back in January the travel app, Hopper, noted that domestic airfare would increase 7% monthly.

The latest report Hopper released is that flight searches are 9% below expected levels due to the invasion in Ukraine.

As an example of rising airfare, I checked flights from Washington Dulles International Airport to Tucson International Airport three days ago and it was $659 round trip via Atlanta on Delta Airlines for travel in late June.  Today, it’s $882 round trip – a 35% increase in less than 72-hours.

In looking at Cancun (from Atlanta), fares are in the $300 range (as of today) via Frontier Scarelines – versus $600’s via Delta.

So get ready for sticker shock.

It’s likely we’ll see more airlines cutting back on flights and be prepared for schedule changes too.

What can travelers do to offset rising airfares?

  1.  Begin searching for airfare now.  Waiting for ‘a deal’ will cost you
  2.  Set a Flight alert – Check out Google Flight Search,  Hopper, Skyscanner, and Kayak
  3.  Be flexible with your dates.  The old rule that flights are cheapest on Tuesdays and midnight don’t apply
  4.  Download your favorite airline apps.  And try a Flight Tracker like FlightAware
  5.  Watch out for Frontier and Spirit.  They announced they are merging.  2 wrongs do not make a flight
  6.  Avoid American if possible.   They are canceling flights like it ain’t no crime. (and they are canceling the night before….seriously)
  7. Check Southwest Airlines.  They release their schedule between 6 –  8 months in advance.  (The early bird gets the boarding pass)
  8.  Check with a leisure travel expert (aka. a Travel Agent) to see if they have package pricing or charter seats
  9.  Purchase Check Pricesflight or trip insurance.  Yeah, I know that sucks.  But getting your money back if the airline tries to get squirrely on you – will make you smile

Hope this helps.

If it doesn’t, tell 10 friends…… Bad press is better than no press……

Oh yeah…..Safe travels!


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