Packing cubes. They rule!

eBags Packing Cubes
eBags Packing Cubes

Got a problem with your unmentionables?

Is every vacation a clusterfargen of packing chaos?

Help is on the way.

The quiescent ‘Packing Cube’ to the rescue.

I discovered these cute little cubes about 2 years ago and have not been the same since.

Why are they so cool?

For 5 reasons:

  1.  I now separate my clothes by day, by event, by genre and by color.
  2.  I can share 1 suitcase with my emotional support peacock and not end up unpacking everything just to find her mascara.
  3.  As clothes get wet/sweaty/smelly etc…..I can put those is a separate cube and not contaminate my meeting wear.
  4.  When I get to a hotel before the 3:00pm check-in time, I can put my hands on my cube of beach stuff in a second.
  5.  I don’t have to worry about scrounging for a plastic bag for my muddy golf shoes.

And 1 bonus reason – I can pack ahead of time and change my mind at the last minute – without having to unpack everything just to switch my board shorts for a speedo.

Don’t believe me, take 3 mins and listen to this guy extol a cube’s virtues.

eBags is my latest binge.  They have some cool travel accessories.

Here is a link to their cubes

Go check the price of other cube suppliers on Amazon too.

Unfortunately I don’t make a dime off anything you buy……

I am just at that point in my life where I would like to give back…..

and my Editor was grinding on me to meet deadline.

So, rock your packing jones and pack like a neat freak.


I’ll keep the cubes warm for you…….


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