Quiz: Find Your Travel Personality Type

Find Your Travel Personality Quiz

Are you getting ready to plan your next all-inclusive vacation?

Before you take-off for a far-away land, take this quiz to find your travel personality. The result may surprise you.

Find Your Travel Personality

What type of all-inclusive resort do you prefer?

A. Small resorts with few rooms, where you can get to know everyone.
B. Large resorts, where you can hide in the crowd.
C. Something in between, where you get the best of both.

What’s your ideal all-inclusive activity?

A. Land activity, where your feet are firmly planted on the ground.
B. Sea activity, where you can dive into the water and explore the underwater world.
C. A combination of both, where you can explore everything the resort and area has to offer.

What’s your favorite drink?

A. Something fruity, you at least get some fruit in you.
B. A stiff drink, like a strong whiskey.
C. Water, because you don’t want to be under the influence and do something you may regret.

What’s the most important feature of an all-inclusive resort?

A. The beach, because you want to work on your tan and mingle with other beach goers.
B. The state-of-the-art fitness center, because you want to stay in shape.
C. The spa, because you need a massage desperately.

What’s your favorite all-inclusive accommodation?

A. A basic suite, because you want to save money for shopping and optional tours.
B. A villa, because it’s like having a home away from home.
C. An over-the-water suite, because you think it’s cool to have a glass floor in your room so you can watch the marine life.

What’s your favorite all-inclusive dining option?

A. A pub, where you can eat authentic British food and down a lager or stout.
B. A seafood extravaganza, where you can stick your toes in the sand and nosh on fresh seafood.
C. A continental delight, where you can get all your favorite foods, even in a grab-n-go style.

Do you prefer an adult’s only all-inclusive resort?

A. Yes, no kids allowed!
B. No, I want to bring my family.
C. I’m not sure. Sometimes adults are worse than kids.

Why do you choose all-inclusive?

A. The drinks, they keep flowing.
B. The cost, you know up front what your vacation will cost.
C. The properties, they’re in gorgeous locations with lots of amenities.

What’s Your Travel Personality?

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, what’s your travel personality?

If you’ve answered mostly “A’s,” your travel personality is Life of the Party. You like to have a great time and love being the center of attention. You don’t mind bumping into people. Your motto is, “The more the merrier.”

If you’ve answered mostly “B’s,” your travel personality is Exclusive. You like to keep to yourself and prefer to spend quality time with your family and friends than with strangers at a resort. Your motto is, “The more exclusive the all-inclusive the better.”

If you’ve answered mostly “C’s,” your travel personality is Easy Going. You can go with the flow and are open to whatever an all-inclusive resort offers you. Your motto is, “Nothing’s going to hold me back.”

Wherever you choose to travel, your preferences say a lot about you. But keep in mind that they may change throughout the years. Come back in a few months and take this travel personality, again, and see if your personality has changed. Don’t worry if it has. That’s called growth!

What’s your travel personality? Let us know in the comments!

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