Travel Agents Cry Foul Over Huffington Post Article

Huffington Post told the world that Google Flights is better than any travel agent.

The world of travel agents did not have to be begged to differ … they just do and they do loudly.

Here’s the lowdown.

The article, titled “7 Google Flights Tricks That Are Better Than Any Travel Agent. And cheaper, too!”, claimed the online search can do the following things that a good agent cannot:

1. The ability to alert you when prices are likely to rise.
2. The ability to show you a map of a region, such as Europe, showing prices for all the countries at once.
3. Click on “I’m feeling lucky” and let Google plan a trip for you.
4. Find out which flights are best based on price and speed.
5. Find you the lowest-priced ticket on any day.
6. Offer you flights that are less expensive than one you are looking at if you are willing to change your time or day of departure.
7. Monitor the price of an itinerary for you.

Industry agents know they can do all of the above and most can do a lot more.   Travel agents are responding across the internet to the Huff Post article.

What’s the bottom line to most of us?

Ask your customers if they really want to trust their “dream” vacation to the “I’m feeling lucky” button.

Not me.  Not even if that button says, “Are you feeling lucky, punk?”

Well, are ya?

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