Traveling to Cancun? Right now…..

Traveling to Cancun

Hola Besties,

I just got back from 10 days of traveling to Cancun.

I had to see what it’s really like – after the press had Mexico circling the bowl for a year.

Here is my take after staying at 7 resorts in 10 days.

  • The Airports
    • I had a few stops in the US before I got to Cancun< - I was in Spokane/Denver/Salt Lake City/Dallas Ft Worth/Hartford/Phoenix
    • ALL were busy.  And there were very few parking spaces.
    • People are traveling. Guess they don’t have a TV.
  • The Flights
    • So I was on like 7 flights total.  At different times of the day including a red-eye
    • The flights are PACKED.
    • The airlines don’t have lots of planes, extra flights, or open seats lying around.
    • This means that if your plane has a mechanical you are screwed.  It happened to me.
    • They are VERY serious about wearing your approved mask.  No bandanas or stretchy things you pull up.
    • Bring breath mints.  Being in a mask for 6 hours after Linguini a la garlic is worse than water torture.
    • And download the Airline App for whichever airline you’re on.  It’s a time saver and gives you free stuff like movies.
  • Arriving at CUN airport
    • Since Canada and the EU are not dropping 747’s full of speedo-stretching man-buns, my arrival was a breeze.
    • Short lines, happy airport staff.   They want tourists.
  • Transferring to the Hotel
    • This is where it gets sketchy.
    • Be sure you choose a reputable transfer company.  Think Lomas/USA/Amstar.
    • The tourist infrastructure was down for a year.  They are gearing up fast, but things are not like 2019
    • Cabs are hard to find at the airport.  At least that was what I was told when my transfer company did not show up.
  • The Hotels
    • The name of this website is ‘Best All-Inclusive’, not Cheap All-Inclusive – so your experience may vary.
    • Every hotel I was at ( Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morales, Hotel Zone & Playa-Costa Mujeres) was very concerned about health and safety.
    • Guests were not wearing masks around the pools/beach/walkways.
    • But they are worn in the restaurants when you’re around the food – and in the lobby area.
    • Staff ALL wore masks……They cannot afford to be out of work after a year of scrounging.  They are VERY diligent about their masks.
    • BTW – get used to using QR codes.  They don’t pass out menus or property maps because they don’t want to touch them.
    • Most resorts have their own app, be sure to download it.   It’s the best way to get info without looking like a Luddite.
    • Also, food was good.  Not all restaurants are open every day and room service took longer than usual.  But things are improving day by day.
  • Cabbing it between hotels
    • Very smooth and expensive.  It cost me $15 to take a cab a bit less than a mile.
    • Cabbies have this little chart with microscopic print that gives you the rates (if you can see them).
    • Uber works great for about 25% of the price, but they cannot come on the property.  You have to meet them outside the gates.
  • Antigen Test
    • Each resort has a daily antigen test available for people departing in 72 hours.
    • The tests were free in the resorts I stayed in.
    • If you’re staying in an AirBNB or VRBO then the cost is about $35 for Antigen and $100 for PCR.
    • Hospiten is the company most resorts use, and is who did my test.  They were efficient and emailed me my results in 20 minutes.
    • Everyone I spoke with had no trouble getting the test (other than prying themselves off the swim-up bar for an hour)
    • YOU HAVE TO GET THIS TEST.  No amount of wailing or gnashing your teeth will get you on a return flight to the US without it.
    • The airlines are drop-dead serious about this.
  • Return transfer to the CUN Airport
  • Leaving Cancun Airport
    • Ok….this is where it gets weird
    • There are 2 things they want you to do.  Pay a VisitTax and fill out a ‘Questionaire of Certification of Risk Factors in Travelers’
    • No, I am not day drinking….that is what they call the questionnaire.
    • Let’s take these one at a time:
      • The VisitTax is an $11 tax you pay for leaving the airport.   When you come to the escalators there is a person with a big sign that has a QR code on it.  You are supposed to scan the QR code and pay money.
      • My ‘Friends in Low Places’ told me to blow it off and act all “No Habla” if questioned about it.
      • So that is what I did and no one asked me for anything or bugged me about it.  Your experience may vary.
      • The next is the Questionnaire of blah, blah ,blah.   You can scan a QR code and fill it out online – or they give you a small piece of paper with .0001 font that no one could read
      • It asks you if you have been in contact with farm animals, and for your airline and flight number.  I filled that out but no one asked me for it.
    • So…..when I got to the person who checks passports/boarding passes etc before you get strip-searched, I slid right through.
    • BTW…at the Cancun airport, you don’t have to take your shoes off.  Just in case you are wearing any after draining your minibar before leaving.
  • The flight back to the US
    • Uneventful this time.   Having flown on American, United, Southwest, and Delta……I found the Southwest and Delta flight attendants were the happiest.
    • Not that it is important since everyone wears a mask and is lubed up with GermX.
    • Tip for blowing through Customs ……get the Mobile Passport app.  It’s free and you have a special line at Customs.  I found it to be faster than the Global Passport that costs $85.

So, that’s how it looked from the Back Seat.

I can tell you people are traveling (to Cancun and elsewhere!) like crazy.

There are some scorching deals out there.

5 star resorts going for prices that I have never seen before – and the resort staff are so happy to be working again.

Hope this info helps.

Saludos mi travelito’s


P.S.  I have to give a shout out to Check PricesMajestic Costa Mujeres.  Costa Mujeres is the new hot spot.  No seaweed that I saw and the beach is the best in Quintana Roo.  You can walk for miles on firm, flat, white sand.   They are building a ton of new resorts out there.  You will begin to hear about it if you haven’t already.  Way better than Akumal or Tulum IMHO.

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