Cheaper Mexico Flights with Millions of Seats?

Millions to Mexico

I’m not quite sure if margaritas were involved while calculating the addition of ‘millions’ of seats to Mexico, however, TravelPulse doesn’t miss a beat and this was initially reported by the Mexico Tourism Office.   This is great news for travelers to Mexico because it could be an indication of lower fares for you and your traveling amigos.

In a nutshell: Mexico’s air connectivity is continuing to grow and they’re looking at nearly 30 million more seats to Mexico by the end of 2018 to accommodate the demand to tourist destinations. Tourism is up by over 12% in 2018 with nearly half of all travelers coming in to Mexico by air. This is global demand and there are even some firsts for travelers to Mexico with new routes from Beijing and Dubai.

It doesn’t stop there!

New routes will be added from U.S. departure cities, Europe and Asia.  16 of these new routes will speak for some of the 1.5 million new seats.  Some carriers like Eurowings and Vivaaerobus, are stating a 102% – 318% increase. Jet Blue is stating a 16% increase with Spirit and Air Canada at an over 20% increase.

This increase in global air connectivity could bring about nearly 30 million seats by the end of the year.

Could this cause fares to drop a little as more flights are added? 

It remains to be seen right now, however, there’s a good chance it could happen and we’re watching this one.

This is exciting news for Mexican Tourism and travelers.  This global demand is also responsible for more all-inclusive resort openings in Mexico and millions of margaritas yet to be poured!

Millions of New Seats Scheduled for Direct Flights to Mexico Throughout 2018

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