These Guidelines are intended to help you produce the type of article we want so that you can get published on our site. Please be sure to also read the Author Agreement that spells out your responsibilities as well, in order to ensure that you get paid for your work and can continue to write for us.

1. First and foremost please remember that this is NOT a site for resort ‘reviews’, nor are we an advocacy website. We are a source for travel information with a focus on the all-inclusive industry.

2. Please read some of the content on the site already to get a feel for what we like to publish.

3. Please use the Topics List to pitch an article. The Topics List ‘pitch’ form is restricted to approved and logged-in Authors. If you are not an already-approved Author, you may apply on our Write For Us page, at the bottom (large orange button).

4. If you decide to pitch a new idea (not on the Topics List) please understand that articles that are *similar* in nature to what is already published on our site *may* be accepted (no guarantee), but please don’t pitch or submit any articles that are so similar as to be considered a duplicate.

IF pitching an article topic idea that is NOT on our list, please adhere to the following:

  • Potential Article Topics Desired:
    • All-inclusive destinations that have unique attributes specifically appealing to any particular defined group (girls getaway, mancation, family reunion, etc.).
    • Recurring events, attractions, and tours that would be worth traveling to or using as an “excuse” for an all-inclusive vacation.
    • Products that anyone can enjoy as part of an all-inclusive vacation. This includes things like travel accessories, gadgets (travel related), vacation clothing, and books.
    • Tips and advice relating to travel or how to budget for, justify, and/or plan an all-inclusive vacation.
    • Stories about an amazing all-inclusive vacation – personal experience, first person POV.
  • Potential Article Topics to Be Avoided:
    • Anything illegal.
    • Anything immoral (this includes strip clubs, drug use etc.).
    • Product and destination reviews that don’t involve some aspect of all-inclusive travel.
    • Articles that are merely reviews or advertorial in nature.

5. Your article should be: (this applies to ALL articles, from our list or your ideas.)

  • Funny (unless inappropriate for the Topic) – humorous but not in an insulting way.
  • Engaging – designed to stimulate discussion. Controversial or provocative is okay, as long as it’s truthful.
  • Conversational – relaying information the way you would tell a friend.
  • Experiential – telling us *your* story or opinion based on *your* experience.

6. Your article should not: (this applies to ALL articles, from our list or your ideas.)

  • Promote your own site or blog within the content (your author bio and profile exists for that purpose).
  • Include affiliate links, masked links, or any links for which you are earning compensation outside of our agreement (doing so will get you banned from writing for BAI).
  • Contain inflammatory phrases, expletives, or inappropriate or offensive suggestions. “Eff” or “Effing” is okay, “Fuck” or “Fucking” is not. Using something like “&%$#@*” to indicate cursing is fine. Innuendo may be okay (depending), but sexually explicit is not.
  • Be a rant against the travel industry or tourism, in part or whole – we’re here to encourage travel, not discourage it.

7. Because our audience is predominantly US-based, all articles MUST BE written in English and must display a solid command of the English language and grammar. British English variations are acceptable. If English is not your native language and it shows in your writing, it will not be accepted.

8. Please spell check, proofread and fact-check your article before submitting. Our editors will only do a minimum of proofing and editing. Articles that need a great deal of editing due to incorrect use of grammar, spelling errors, or factual errors it will be rejected.

9. You are limited to 2 submitted (pending) articles at a time, until one or both has been accepted AND scheduled for publication, after which you may submit an additional 1 or 2 articles (no more than 2 in Pending Review status at any time). Editors are notified as articles are submitted, and will respond as quickly as possible with a decision to accept, request edits, or reject your article.

10. Photos: – You DO NEED to submit photos, please ensure that you follow these photo submission guidelines:

  • a) Each article needs a lead (‘featured image’) photo that accurately and appropriately illustrates the article’s topic, a humorous photo is allowable as long as it’s G-rated. This Featured Image MUST BE precisely 875 pixels wide by 470 pixels tall, and should be of good quality but no more than 72dpi. Please crop and optimize your Featured Image photos to this size and resolution before uploading.
  • b) Each of the article’s primary ‘points’ (those set apart by Heading tags) should also be illustrated with a photo, placed between the Heading tag and the text below the Heading. These ‘primary point’ photos must be 875 pixels wide, and at least 450 but no more than 550 pixels tall and should be of good quality but no more than 72dpi. Please crop and optimize your images prior to uploading.
  • c) If the photo you submit is larger and/or higher in resolution and must be cropped and/or optimized by our editors, we will deduct $10 from the payment for the article (meaning basically that if we have to do the work to make it fit, we will not pay full price for the article).
  • d) Any photos submitted must conceptually represent the focus of the topic and/or sub-heading written about – no general travel photos please.
  • e) All photos must be appropriately sourced and credited, please do not submit copyrighted or watermarked images. To add a photo credit use the CAPTION field when uploading, enter only the source, which can be either a company or website name, or a domain without the https://www part. E.g. Pixabay (or Our layout will add the words “Image Source:” in front of what you enter into the Caption field.

11. Articles that DO NOT conform to the criteria above will be rejected.

If you have questions about these guidelines, please email us at