How to Pitch a Topic

  • Step 1: Look through this list of Topics below – these are working titles for articles we WANT and is representative of the TYPE of content we are looking for. If you don’t see a topic you want to write about in this list, but have an idea for a different topic that is in keeping with our editorial style and current content, you may pitch that instead but please understand there is no guarantee your pitch will be accepted.
  • Step 2: Whether choosing one of our topics or pitching your own, use the Form below the list to request to write about your selected topic. If you want to write about more than one topic (up to 2 at any one time, per our Article Guidelines – paragraph 9) then please submit your requests separately (one topic per form submission).

PLEASE NOTE: Only ‘Open’ topics will be available to select from on the form, but a status of ‘pitched’, ‘assigned’, or ‘in progress’ is not a guarantee that the submitted article will be accepted and published, so if a topic you want to write about is not ‘open’ but is still on the list, feel free to check back to see if it becomes ‘open’ again.

Open = This topic is available to be written about.
Pitched = Someone has requested to write about this topic, not yet assigned.
Assigned = Someone’s pitch has been accepted and the topic assigned, not yet written.
In Progress = The topic is in the writing/editing stage but is not yet accepted for publication.
If an article that is In Progress is accepted for publication it will be removed from this list. If it is rejected, it will return to the list as ‘Open’.

Current Topics List

Hover over any Post Title to see the Editorial Notes for that Topic (if any).

Topic Submission Form


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