WTF? All Inclusives for $299 a week?

All Inclusive Resorts
All Inclusive Resorts

Yes, Fellow Brethren – it is true.  

You can vacation at an all-inclusive, for Check Pricesa week, for just $299.

But how could that be (you ask)?

It’s simple, (I retort)……

Most all-inclusive resorts are Timeshares (errr….Vacation Clubs)…so the deal is that you have to sit through a timeshare Vacation Club presentation that can last a couple of hours. And might involve some high-pressure sales tactics….

…which sometimes works, after all the salespeople at these Resorts with Vacay Clubs send an average of 12% of you home with a shiny new timeshare to show the family.

Please do not get me wrong.

I have nothing against timeshares.

In fact, I will not travel to a resort unless it has a timeshare program.

And if you find a timeshare with a casino you have hit the jackpot.

How can that be (you ask again)?

It’s simple, (I retort again).

Timeshare resorts make a lot of money….and timeshare casino resorts make the most money. A good deal of which gets invested in the Resort.

You will not buy a timeshare if the property sucks. (Would you?)

To appeal to buyers, Resorts have to invest in cleanliness, the best decor, food, and amenities – or you won’t want to come back a week each year for 172 years. In short, they’re stunning and have the best staff, service, and cuisine to be found anywhere.


the next time your neighbor brags to you about how they only paid $299 for their trip, thank them.

They made it possible for you — who paid a lot more — to go home without that pile of paperwork they (did or did not) sign, and skip the financial obligation for the rest of your life.

Just Google “All Inclusive Resorts for $299” (or click the link so you don’t fat finger yur phone)

and enjoy.

I suggested to a friend they check out Check (Jake does not confirm or deny) for the Zoetry Villa Rolundi on Isla Mujeres and they paid $1200  – for a $4000 vacation.

That is more than $299……(but they were going during a holiday week to get married), so shop around.

Caveat Emptor my thrifty amigo’s

Hope this helps…….

:-0)   Jake

P.S.  Do you know who the largest All Inclusive timeshares are?

That would be Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Wyndham, Disney…..all your friendly brands…..

They just don’t talk much about it……..

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