Azul Beach Resort Negril Transitions to Adults-Only in 2025

Azul Beach Resort Negril
Azul Beach Resort Negril

Wait, did you hear that? Actually, what you WON’T hear is the sound of children playing nearby, sometimes squealing (we hope with delight!) or crying, all of which can intrude on the zen-like quiet of your relaxing, romantic vacation at Azul Beach Negril (beginning in 2025).

In a Nutshell: Effective January 7, 2024 2025, Azul Beach Resort Negril is undergoing a transition to become an adults-only resort, and will not – after that date – accept new reservations that include children.

Editor’s Note: HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Azul Resorts has issued a new press release dated September 6, 2023, stating that “after careful consideration and taking the feedback of our valued guests and travel partners into account, we have decided to maintain our current offerings and will continue to welcome guests of all ages traveling through January 7, 2025. For reservations traveling January 8, 2025 onwards, the hotel will welcome adult only guests.

According to the press release from Azul Resorts, their decision to transition Check PricesAzul Beach Negril to cater exclusively to adults stems from feedback from their guests and travel partners, as well as extensive market research.

We truly love the resort for it’s superb location, luxurious accommodations, and romantic vibe – which is why it’s on our list of the Best All Inclusive Resorts in Negril!

However, before you rush off to book your next stay there, Azul Resorts says that it’s important to note that any current 2024 confirmed and contracted wedding and/or convention groups booked there will continue to be honored as originally contracted…

which means if you’re traveling there in 2024 — after the transition — it’s still possible that you might encounter kiddos around the property…….if your heart is set on a stay there and you’d really rather not deal with the little ones, then be sure to check in advance to ensure there are no weddings or other family groups staying at the same time.


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