Best Swimsuits to Disguise that Winter Fluff

Best Swimsuits

Proving that we don’t have to have a model body to look great on vacation, we’re looking at different swimsuits and styles to flatter different body types. Why? Because real women rock!

We’re all shapes and sizes, colors, bumps and lumps too. It’s actually okay to show the world that we have lived through our bodies, from babies to surgery and everything else in between. All the media frenzy over the fuss caused by the ‘Burkini’ in the south of France just proves one point – we should all be allowed to dress as we wish. Not too many of us look as svelte as we did in our twenties, but we still go on vacation, so lets’s dress for the occasion with the right swimsuits!

Time for a wardrobe change

Time on vacation is largely spent, as it should be, relaxing. We’ve all earned a worry-free vacation. Our most used item of clothing is going to be our swimsuit or beachwear, so it’s time to take a good look in a long mirror, and decide which shape is going to the most flattering for our next beach adventure. There are four main factors to take into consideration:

  1. Quality – you really do get exactly what you pay for.
  2. Budget – splurge on a designer “name” brand or save on an equal-quality no-name suit.
  3. Colour – choose a colour that suits you – remember that a safe, gradual tan is not instant, so if you have pale skin stay away from color-draining shades.
  4. Shape – what’s your body shape? Is there a layer of winter fluff that requires a disguise?

Oranges are not the only fruit

Create your own style….
… Let it be unique for yourself,
and yet identifiable for others. -Anna Wintour.

Top style magazines often use fruit to describe different body shapes. Actually, that analogy works well. But before you decide on whether you’re a pear, an orange, or an apple – we say choose your best feature instead, and buy a swimsuit shape that promotes it. Feel great about your best bits – rather than worry about the rest.

Great breasts? Show them off. You don’t have to go topless to make them look great. A swimsuit with a V neckline, especially a wrap-over style, is perfect. If you have very heavy breasts, choose a swimsuit with underwire or cup support – much more comfortable and looks great.

Of course, all that said if you do like to sunbathe topless, you can just pack a few different Check Pricesbikini bottoms and check out our list of best all inclusive resorts for topless sunbathing.

Best Swimsuits

Wasp-waisted? Lucky you – any Check Pricestwo-piece bikini will look great on you! For those who are a bit thicker in the middle, there are some so-sexy suits with cutaway waists out there this year – also some with mesh in the gaps – they’ll look fabulous on you, and make you appear thinner by drawing the eye in towards the center.

Long legs love swimsuits, but a Check Pricesone-piece with a high cutaway leg will make anyone – even shorties, look instantly longer and leggier.

Best Swimsuits

Muffin top? Yes, better a one piece than an itsy bitsy bikini. Today, newer fabrics used in Check Pricesone-piece swimsuits can do wonders to hide that extra layer you have brought to the beach. Perhaps you’ve recently had a baby, and are carrying a little extra Mommy-Tummy? A clever alternative, choose one with an Check Pricesadorable tummy-covering tankini-style top.

And fuller-figured gals needn’t worry – swimsuit makers are finally making some gorgeous, sexy swimwear for big, beautiful women too!

Best Swimsuits

Small chest types needn’t worry either. They don’t require support, but extra embellishment will make you look more endowed than you actually are. Look for swimsuits with padded, underwire, or tie-front Check Pricesbikini tops which can mean instant cleavage – and small breasted women can easily get away with bandeau styles too – embrace your shape!

Best Swimsuits

So get out there and experiment, and treat your body shape to a new look swimsuit – it’s enough to make you want to book your next vacation, don’t you think?

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