Now Natura Opening – Early Birds get the Burn

Now Natura Delays Opening
Now Resorts

Are you an early adopter?
Did you stand in line for days to get your mitts on the latest new iThingy?

In a nutshell:  If you made a booking at the Now Nutura in Riviera Maya for December or January you need to get on the horn (or keyboard). There have been some ‘unexpected delays’ for the new Now Natura Riviera Cancun. The resort is almost ready, – but almost and ready do not go well in a sentence. Especially when it’s your vacay.

If you’re affected by this opening delay….
Move fast.  AMResorts will hook you up at Dreams Riviera Cancun, Breathless, The Vine Cancun or other similar AMResorts offering the same experience.  But the good resorts will fill up since that is a VERY busy time of year.

But hey, – they throw you a bone. You can return to Now Natura Riviera Cancun for a similar number of nights to be used for travel before December 20, 2020 (watch the fine print).

Don’t feel like you’re getting picked on.
Few construction projects anywhere in the world open on time these days.   The All Inclusive industry is dramatically improving and there is an incredible amount of new building going on (which is a good thing).  So supplies and staffing are especially tight in MX and the Carib.

The Now Natura Riviera Cancun is going to be a stunning resort. So although you might have hit a bump in the road by booking early, you made a great choice for your vacation.

And now you get 2 vacay’s this year (and the 2nd one is FREE!) So don’t fret, you can enjoy the 556-room resort with a lazy river, exotic fish ponds, infinity pool and the new Now Spa by Pevonia after January 31st 2020.

You’ll be on the white sand beach with an umbrella drink in hand in no time as it’s only 10-miles from Cancun airport.

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  1. I alerted the travel company to the information regarding the delay about a week after it was announced. They had no knowledge of it and stated they would get back to me. After 4 phone calls that I made for follow up- I was finally offered a different hotel. It was the Now Emerald which I knew was not one of those listed in your article but there was the caveat that it could be a different resort of like experience. I began reading reviews and it appears the Now Emerald was the Grand Oasis Sens and was purchased this year by AM resorts. The hotel has not completed renovations and most of the reviews are concerning. While the resort was Grand Oasis Sens- its review rating was a 2. I called the travel company to see about changing to one of the resorts mentioned in the article and they told me that if the rate is higher than what I paid- I would need to pay the difference. Apparently, I am not the only person struggling with getting a “like experience” from the reviews I’ve seen on Now Natura. (Which has about 50 Hispanic individuals going onto the reviews to rate it 5 to keep the rating up- Very shady). So, yes you do get the additional vacation ( I have received no information on how to claim this) but you get an outdated version of the vacation you thought you were purchasing. Very unlikely I will book an AM resort again.

  2. Hi,

    When things goes sour, I have found that many company staff go brain dead and try to sweep inconveniences under the rug.

    Unfortunately, that always bites them.

    Personally, I would grind on the ‘travel company’ and stick to my guns. It’s not your fault AM cannot accommodate you. You purchased your vacation in good faith.

    Unless a ‘travel company’ books a lot of a specific resort chain they may get the runaround. But they should be doing your screaming for you.

    If you’re getting nowhere, call AMResorts….soon…..

    You will need your confirmation (booking#) number.

    They might initially tell you they will only work with your ‘travel company’ but don’t let them off the hook.

    Just keep grinding….AM is providing your Hotel stay. The ‘travel company’ is just an intermediary (read the fine print on your confirmation).

    And the ‘travel company’ did not make the resort open late. They acted in good faith too.

    I know its a PITA, but just keep asking for Supervisors until you get the answer you want.

    AMResorts is a fair company. But like other resorts in that situation, their first line of defense is ‘No’.

    Don’t accept it.

    And don’t fall for the ‘No Comprende’……they comprende’

    ~ Jake

    P.S. Thx for your input. I would not want a ‘like experience’, I want an ‘enjoyable experience’. You worked hard for this vacation.

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