Cabo is panhandling? A new ‘Voluntary’ Tax…

Cabo San Lucas has implemented a Sustainability Tax
Cabo San Lucas has implemented a Sustainability Tax

The bad news – You now pay a new tax if you’re flying to Cabo.   The good news – It’s ‘Voluntary’.

In a nutshell: The state government announced that it will begin an initiative for the Fund for a Sustainable Baja California Sur.  They’re encouraging and asking visitors to consider making a contribution of 350 pesos ($18.50 USD) when they arrive. This initiative begins on Saturday, Nov. 9th. These contributions will be paid directly from you – the tourist –  if you choose.

This is not a mandatory contribution, according to the secretary of finance of Baja California Sur.

But you can bet your a$$ that when you hit the airport it will seem mandatory.

As is weaving through the Duty Free shop and running the Timeshare Gauntlet to get out of the airport.

The last time I flew from Phoenix to Cabo I think my airline cost was $175….. BUT the Taxes were about $225.

So a $175 ticket cost me $400.   And that was on a good day.

This Tax is for foreign tourists who fly into Baja – including resort cities like Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, and San Jose del Cabo – for 24-hours or more (so that’s pretty much all tourists).

Any contributions to this ‘fund’ will be collected at the point of entry – kiosks in the airport, the port authority if arriving by sea, and hotels if arriving via land transportation.

What’s strange?

This was approved back in 2016 and is just being implemented now.

Why implement a Fund?
Baja California Sur anticipates raising about $25M annually from this fund, formerly referred to as a tax.  The Fund for a Sustainable Baja California Sur was created to strengthen public security, education, health, culture, tourism, housing, and to improve the quality of life for residents in tourist areas.

So Pony Up kiddies…..or not……

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