Couples Resorts – [EBB] Early Booking Bonus is out!

Couples Resorts Early Booking Bonus
Couples Resorts Early Booking Bonus

Editor’s Note: the 2025 Early Booking Bonus (EBB) window has been extended until April 02, 2024!

Wagwan Couples Resorts Lovers,

The beloved EBB (Early Booking Bonus) is out for 2025.

In a Nutshell: For those of you in the adults-only – tear-your-clothes-off – and race-for-the-warm-caribbean-water  – kinda crowd, – the Early Booking Bonus is Couples Resorts’ famous annual discount that only runs for a short time.

Watch our video, or scroll down and read on!

Couples is one of the few resorts that holds the line on their prices.

EBB is typically the best deal of the year. (Black Friday sometimes trumps it, but that is in the rearview mirror).

This year’s EBB deal:

  • Booking Window: Feb 1 – Mar 1 Apr 2, 2024
  • Travel Window: Jan 3, 2025 – Dec 24, 2025
  • Minimum Length of Stay: 7 nights
  • Applies to: All Resorts
  • Offer: 7th Night Free + $200 Resort Credit

Category restrictions apply and are noted in the T & C’s

If you want to check availability and prices – then click on this link – Check PricesCouples Resorts Early Booking Bonus (EBB) 2025

Save on!

Mi Gaan Mon……


P.S. The EBB space sells out quickly.  And I am not sellin’…..just tellin’.

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