Look Ma’ – No Fees – on Spirit or Frontier Airlines :-)

Frontier and Spirit Airlines eliminate fees
Frontier and Spirit Airlines eliminate fees

Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your wallet when Airlines show they care?

Unfortunately caring – and losing money – are mutually exclusive.

After we (our tax dollars) bailed the airlines out of the Pandemic, they repaid us by going nuts on junk fees.

If you think Airlines are going to walk away from BILLIONS (actually $6.8B in 2022) in fees because the Gubment throws them a ‘Junk Fee’ head fake, then you have not flown since the Wright Brothers left Kitty Hawk.

In A Nutshell:  Frontier and Spirit, both budget airlines with great PR machines, have jumped in front of the recent Government ruling regarding airline junk fees.  They have waived all cancel or change fees (for now).  A new law protecting consumers against ‘Junk Fees’, which is scheduled to go into effect in July, was the pet project of Pete Buttigieg – the Secretary of Transportation.   Unfortunately the monster lobby firm ‘Airlines For America’ who represent the major airlines has pushed back with a lawsuit.   As George Jones sang in ‘The Race is on’,  Let’s hope the winner doesn’t loose it all.

The list of junk fee’s would take up too much space in this post.

Each airline has their own creative way of extracting blood from a turnip.

But topping the junk fee list that the administration targeted are:

  • Seat Fees
  • Cancel Fees
  • Change Fees
  • Baggage Fees
  • Families sitting together Fees
  • Unforeseen event cancel refunds
  • No Cash Refunds.   Currently you are required to take a voucher for a future flight.

Under the new rules,  you get your ticket refunded quickly.

In the past if a flight was cancelled by the airline or a weather related event occurred, you were forced take a voucher for a future flight.

That created huge screaming matches in the Customer Service line at the airport.

But let’s not count our turkey’s before they hatch.   Airlines for America have deep pockets and there are billions at stake here.

And if the Government ruling sticks…….expect the cost of your airline ticket to go up…..or watch the ‘basic’ fare go away.

I’ll keep your Junk Fees warm for ya…..


“A vacation is what you take – when you can no longer take what you have been taking.”

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