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Granada - Circle of Children in Sculpture Park
Pure Granada

Grab your under-gear and head over to the 2nd annual Pure Grenada Dive Fest.  (encompassing the tri-island destination of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique)

In a Nutshell: The 4-day festival in October will showcase the islands’ rich and diverse eco-system and amazing undersea world. Superstar sightings in the neighborhood include the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park and the Caribbean’s largest wreck.

“This is the only event of its kind on the island and we hope that dive enthusiasts and lovers of the sea will travel to Pure Grenada to enjoy the events we have scheduled,” said Patricia Maher, CEO of Grenada Tourism Authority. “It is the second year of the event and our continued goal is to put the spotlight on Grenada and Carriacous’ amazing undersea world and one-of-a-kind aquatic offerings.”

Get the party started!

Grenada’s coast is a haven for seahorses, turtles, sharks and rays due to the warm waters and healthy coral reef systems and sponges. Divers and underwater photographers discover the destination’s reefs and wreck sites and encounter a plethora of species of fish and marine creatures in the islands’ waters.

New to the diving scene? Don’t worry, there are beginner’s courses.
Well-seasoned & certified? Explore some of the islands’ 14 wreck dives (including the newest, M/V Anina).

There’s also a robust schedule of sustainable activities, including Reef clean-up (includes scheduled clean-up dives off the shores of all three islands), and outreach presentations that aim to educate on best practices in dive marine conservation.

Did somebody say Party Prizes? Yes! Have your camera’s ready – win prizes for most creative selfie, best reef photo, best wreck photo and more. There’s also a Lionfish ‘hunt’.

It all gets wrapped-up on land with a catch & cook evening social – get your land legs back and get awards for best photos.

No Entry Fee, But, RSVP is strongly suggested – head to your local dive shop to reserve specific festival events.

Dive into more festival info:  Pure Granada, Granada Tourism, Caribbean Travel

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