Avoid Hurricanes – Try Curacao

Tips for Traveling During Hurricane Season

You’re crazy excited about your well planned and expensive Caribbean vacation & then… a Huff & a Puff… blown away by a big bad hurricane!*&%$?

Well, Practical, Fiddler and Fifer, not all Caribbean islands are prey to the Big Bad Hurricane Wolf.

In a nutshell:  Hurricane season (June thru November) rarely hits below the belt (the hurricane belt that is), and Curaçao is definitely below, leaving it a prime place to land – fun and sun!

And, no need to fret over taking your unpredictable baby, moody tween or grams & gramps … keep the family entertained at the 342-room Curaçao Sunscape Resort Spa & CasinoFor You: Plenty of basking in the sun, spa time & sipping Blue Curaçao’s.  For your others:  sandcastle building competitions, a camp-out adventure, pool tables, bocce ball, karaoke, archery, beach volleyball, movies on the sand, rock wall climbing, sumo wrestling (huh?), four pools and two tennis courts (lit for night play)… whew… not to mention the restaurants & casino.

Sunscape Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino
Sunscape Resorts

If you don’t get lost on the largest all-inclusive beach, take in some culture with a complimentary shuttle to the colorful capital city of Willemstad.

Oh, and be sure to ask the locals about:

  1. Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue
  2. Christoffel National Park
  3. Shete Boka National Park
  4. The Kurá Hulanda Museum
  5. Traditional folkloric Curaçaoan waltz
  6. Rock Climbing at the Three Brothers
  7. Blue Lizards and
  8. Green Rum (shiver my timbers)

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