Is Mexico More Affordable?

Does this sound delicious?

Boiled pork cooked in a thick red sauce made from toasted guajillo chiles and served with steamy white rice.

There has never been a better time to head to your favorite all inclusive resort in Mexico for this traditional Oaxacan dish called Chileajo de cerdo.

There was a lot of shock, awe, and some mixed reactions when the 2016 Election results came in last month.

Depending which side you were on, you might feel that you deserve a celebratory vacation or you might just really need to get away for a while. Either way, you can benefit from one unintended consequence of the tight race.

Following the election, the Mexican peso hit an all-time low against the U.S. dollar. It continued to slide, losing 12% of its value in just two days, and it was already a pretty good value proposition. Recently the Chicago Tribune ran predictions of analysts who suggested an additional 7-25% in decline could arrive before year’s end – just 4 weeks away.

While the dollar has been strong for travelers lately with recent highs against the Euro and British Pound, this is different, a truly historic event.

There has literally never been a better time to travel to Mexico from a cost perspective (of course, to fully enjoy the discounts, you want your hotel rates in pesos, not dollars).

Travel to Mexico has other appeals: its close enough for a weekend, diverse enough for a month-long trip. There’s no more time change than in this country and no more jet lag. But most of all, it has numerous excellent vacation destinations for every taste.

Riviera Maya: This coastal stretch of the Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico’s east coast, just south of Cancun, is not just one of the country’s best vacation spots, it’s one of the best on earth.

No other place combines all these appeals in one easy to reach spot: tons of ancient Mayan ruins like Tulum, Coba, and Chichen Itza, gorgeous beaches, the world’s second largest barrier reef (and a lot closer than Australia), great food, a beautiful offshore island (Cozumel), truly world class diving, snorkeling fishing and watersports, cultural attractions, eco-adventures, inland cenote swimming and diving spots, and standout golf courses.

There is an amazing array of all inclusive resort hotels, the best selection in the country, from top tier luxury to boutique beach eco hotels plus the best large all-inclusive resorts on the continent are here.

You can do nothing or you can occupy every minute of every day, all close to a modern airport with lots of flights.

Safe journey~

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