Paint your Butt and walk backwards. Xcaret’s ‘Day of the Dead’ Festival

Xcaret Day of the Dead
Festival de Vida y Muerte

Ok, so ‘Day of the Dead’ parties tend to freak people out.  But Halloween was taken so Mexico had to improvise.    Despite the macabre sounding name – Dia de Muertos – this holiday is one of Mexico’s most revered traditions.  It is when spirits of our loved ones return to visit friends and family.  The returning loved ones might smell a little musty so I suggest you bring deodorant as an offering.

In a nutshell: Paint yourself up and join a rockin’ party at the Hotel Xcaret and their 9 Xcaret Parks.   Dia de Muertos is commemorated annually between October 30th – November 2nd and will offer an over-the-top expression of this colorful and artful traditional holiday.  The guest state to be honored this year is San Luis Potosí, which is located in Central Mexico.

Guests of Xcaret Park’s Festival will experience a Gala Concert, ghost stories, workshops, art exhibitions, folkloric dance, circus theater, and traditional Mexican music.

In addition to the authentic shows and music, there will also be an Interactive Hacienda where guests can create masks, paint their faces as life and death, light a candle to guide the souls of the departed and more.

Where’s the best place to stay? 
Hotel Xcaret Mexico, of course!  Admission to Xcaret Park for the Festival is included (aka FREE!) as well as transportation.  The concerts are not included and are currently sold out.  Check the Festival Schedule for additional events at the Park and Hotel Xcaret.

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is one of  Mexico’s biggest traditions of the year.
Will you be there?

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