Problems at Brand New All Inclusive Resorts – for 2022

Will that be a table for 2 poolside?
Your server will be

Want a scorching deal on a brand spankin’ new All-Inclusive resort?

Then saddle up and head South of the Border?


Pro-Tip…..Every brand new All-Inclusive resort has problems.

That is why the first month of allowing guests to arrive is called a ‘Soft Opening’

The Resort needs time to get its act together.


In A Nutshell:   We love that ‘New’ Resort smell.   Everything is bright, shiny, and spotlessly clean….If we lived in a Perfect World…….Unfortunately, we don’t.  So here are the problem areas to check before you pull the trigger on booking a brand new All-Inclusive Resort.


The team here at Best All-Inclusive has been in the industry since it was safe to leave your keys in your car.

We have seen – and heard – just about every complaint,  criticism, and cavil.

We have been to more ‘Grand Openings’, Soft Openings, Hard Openings and Did Not Openings – than a backwater politician.

Here is a list of what we have encountered thru the ages.

So be sure to ask these questions to save your relationship with your travel partner.

1. Is there a chance the Resort will postpone the opening?

The once elusive ‘Building Crane’ is the new state bird in most of the Caribbean and Mexico.

You will see them everywhere – working 24/7 to meet resort opening deadlines.

The only thing that turns them off is the lack of construction workers available 24/7.

Don’t think the ‘Great Resignation’ is a US phenomenon…..

People are not going back to work all over the world….and Mexico and the Caribbean are no different.

You are probably asking ‘Why is there so much building going on?  Didn’t COVID kill the industry?’

Hell no…..Smart people knew that All-Inclusive Resorts would be the first hospitality sector to rebound.

And….where are people in our Global Community (yes, you Asia) going to invest their Bitcoin profits?

Mexico and the Caribbean tourist zones are judged to be the safest place in the world to invest.

I will leave you to discuss politics….but you can’t argue that Billions have been pouring into building new resorts.

One more fact…the airlines don’t give a flying f$@k about your resort not opening….Can you say ‘Change Fee’?

2.  Does the Resort Chain have another property near by?

If your resort will not open in time,  and they have other properties in your area, you will be ‘accommodated’.

It’s better than being rogered – but,

if your Resort Chain does NOT have another resort in the area then you are Fubar’d.

They offer to accommodate you at a different time….and usually, they throw in a freebie to keep you smiling.

But don’t expect the airlines to care…….and a resort will seldom eat the ‘Change Fee’.

Ask anyway…..You have just been seriously inconvenienced….so be polite but firm.

3.  Is the resort construction (or renovation) completed?

There is nothing more romantic than the sound of a screeching crane

and the ever-present hammering on metal – at 6:00a.

Unless you live under the train tracks in Downtown Chicago.

We see resorts opening where half the property is still a city of rebar.

So be sure there is no construction still going on.  Seriously……

4.  Are all the pools and restaurants open?

The first indication of a problem is usually located in Food, Beverage, and Housekeeping.

It takes a resort 3-6 months to get the staff and the food able to operate smoother than an F1 pit crew in Bahrain.

Typically a new resort runs at about 20% occupancy (that is why you get a scorching deal)

So there is no way to get F&B all running like a well-oiled machine when there are no people to F&B.

And a resort is not about to overstaff or throw out food…….so don’t expect your room service order to arrive before you leave.

5.  Has anyone stayed in my room before?

Yes, we all love to be first……

Until we find that our lights flicker, there is no hot water, and the roof leaks.

When your bell-person escorts you to your Love Den, be sure you try every knob, flush and light fixture in the room.

Let the water run in the shower for a few minutes to be sure it drains – and gets hot.

Check the security safe, the mini-fridge, open the sliding door, and look up to see if there are roof leaks.

Turn on the TV – and put your phone on the wifi – to be sure you have a signal.

Finding a problem after you have unpacked really sucks.

Pro-Tip – Check the alarm clock to be sure if the person in the room before you did not have a 5:00am flight.


“Now for the good news.”

  1.  The Early Booker gets the Deal – so if all goes well you will pay a price that no one else will get in 6 months.
  2.  If you are inconvenienced, the Resort will typically give you a free 4-night stay for another time (push them for  7 nights).
  3.   You will be able to tell your friends you were one of the first to stay at this really cool Resort…..and make them jealous.


Hope all this jabbering helps.

I’ll keep the sand warm for ya,



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