Pros and Cons of Holiday Season Travel

All Inclusive Holiday vacation

To holiday or NOT to holiday, during the holiday season. Not a tongue-twister, but a serious debate for some.

Some folks hate the crowds and increased prices, while others appreciate the escape from the work involved in hosting family and friends. Some just won’t forego a ‘white Christmas’, and yet others say the beauty and excitement of holiday festivities in the tropics make for a great mid-winter break.

And while we’d all love to have the freedom to choose our vacation dates, it’s often not that simple. We’re tied to our employers, our families, or even when our finances dictate the optimum time to take that break. An All Inclusive vacation is always a great idea, but would you consider packing up and heading for some sunshine during the holiday season? With the festive season fast approaching, it might seem like the perfect plan…!

There are plenty of good excuses to escape to the tropics this holiday season, and lots of reasons to stay home – so let’s take a look at both the pros and the cons of holiday season travel – perhaps they’ll help you make up your mind and plan ahead for that festive and fun All Inclusive resort vacation.

Christmas: Love it, or hate it?

Happy Holidays

Pro: Being away over the Christmas holiday means you will neatly escape the tedious gift wrapping, tree trimming and all that tacky tinsel. Yes, if you find yourself whispering “Bah Humbug” more frequently than Ebenezer Scrooge, then Christmas is an ideal time to pack up and go relax on a beach.

Con: You’ll miss out on family gatherings at a time of year when distant and far-flung family comes together, perhaps even the only time of year you all see each other in the same place (unless you ALL go on vacation that is!). Or maybe not! For some, NOT having to attend the annual family gathering is met with relief.

Turkey overload


Pro: So soon after Thanksgiving, you’ve had enough of that tough old bird. No, not your nearest and dearest, how could you?! We’re talking turkey. Turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey curry. Ditch the endless leftovers and enjoy some international cuisine, an All Inclusive does it best for choice, value and outstanding gastronomy. Worried about putting on extra weight? Then choose a resort that also offers you a great workout!

Con: While many resorts feature traditional holiday dishes enjoyed around the world, not all do (be sure to check before booking!). Perhaps you’ll feel as though you’re missing out if you don’t consume that big traditional family dinner with all the trimmings. Or maybe you really want the leftovers!

Your local weather makes a difference


Pro: A “white Christmas” sounds romantically nostalgic, but it’s rarely like those Hallmark Holiday movies! We all know snow actually means slush, digging out your driveway, fixing snow chains and long delays instead. A Christmas-time vacay lets you escape the dreary cold weather and its related traffic jams, grumpy commuters, and mobs of shoppers.

Con: You might be delayed at the airport en route to your vacation, should there be ice, fog or snow at the departure end. Ensure you have adequate Check Pricestravel insurance and consider using a weather-tracking app in case a storm tries to interrupt your holiday vacation plans.

Con: It might not feel terribly festive on that long stretch of white sand, with a turquoise ocean lapping at your toes. But, really – it’s not a hardship either!

A costly Christmas?


Pro: By taking your vacation during the festive season, and avoiding all those family visits, you may be able to cut the cost of your usual Christmas gift shopping right down. Send them all a bottle of wine and a postcard from the tropics instead.

Con: Traveling at Christmas (peak season) can incur higher costs on both airfare and accommodation, so shop around for the best deals available. If in doubt, ask the experts….a good travel agent is worth his or her weight in gold!

Party on


Pro: You’ll spend time relaxing, working on your tan, and come back feeling rejuvenated and looking like a million dollars, just in time for New Year’s Eve and that strappy, sexy cocktail dress.

Con: You’ll miss out on the office Christmas party, one of many, and avoid kissing your worse-for-wear boss under the mistletoe. Then again…maybe that’s a ‘Pro’? Or you might find a wonderful holiday romance on your All Inclusive festive trip – one you don’t have to avoid eye contact with when you return to work!

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