Riu Dunamar opens in Costa Mujeres

Riu Dunamar, Costa Mujeres MX, north of the Hotel Zone
RIU Resorts

Where the hell is Costa Mujeres?

I lived in Playa del Carmen. How could this stretch of beautius beach escape me?

I have stayed a number of times at the Excellence Playa Mujeres, the Finest and the Beloved, but guess I did not go far enough North.

In a nutshell: The beach is bitchin’. The rest is classic RIU. Lots of white, pools and cool colors. Not sure what the topless policy is but I know what when you get this far North of town you can find fun places to hide on the beach.

The beach is nice because its semi-protected by the island Isla Mujeres and the sand is very soft.

There is seaweed occasionally…..but Isla tends to protect it. Nothing like you find farther south in Riv Maya.

Note about the seaweed…..It’s like timing the stock market, you can’t figure out what it will do from day to day.

It’s not like storms bring it in….it is hiding in the ocean jet stream and comes and goes. I walked the beach every day in Playacar and never knew what that day might bring. The quality resorts have big tractors with rakes and they work hard to keep it in check.

Back to the RIU Dunamar. If you get a chance I do suggest you check the area out.

If you’re a couple taking a break from the kiddies, I suggest you look just down the road at the Excellence Playa Mujeres….it is stunning…and has the same beach.

Here is a cool Drone View of the resort without all the wind hiss.

Youtube Drone vid of the Riu Dunamar and the Beach at Costa Mujeres



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