RIU Reopens in Mexico and Jamaica – Implements Health Protocols


After 90-days of being closed many all-inclusive resorts have begun to reopen and RIU Hotels and Resorts has a plan.

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In a nutshell:  RIU Palace Peninsula in Cancun’s Hotel Zone reopened on June 8th, RIU Ocho Rios opened on June 15th, and RIU Cancun is next up on June 19th.  Safety and hygiene protocols are in place to protect both guests and employees.

Travel and Tourism took a big hit, as we all know, and after 90-days of closures, many resorts are beginning to open with RIU reopening two of their Mexico Caribbean Resorts (they have 20 resorts in Mexico) and one in Jamaica.

RIU has implemented a plan to gradually reopen its resorts around the world including the best of Mexico with resorts in Cancun, Guadalajara, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Nayarit-Vallarta as well as in Aruba, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic and remaining Jamaica resorts.  They’ve already opened their hotels in Miami, Berlin, and Guadalajara with four more in Bulgaria.

This gradual reopening is also good news for tourism destinations like Jamaica and Mexico.  Did you know that Cancun celebrated its 50th anniversary as of April 20th? Obviously it wasn’t much of a celebration due to COVID, however, bringing tourism back to the area will be a celebration in and of itself.

Safety & Hygiene Protocols

With reopening comes a number of health protocols and RIU collaborated with PreveRisk, a consulting and training group for the global tourism industry, to create their plan.  The plan includes measures such as training, reporting, medical support, and staff policies for all areas of the resort. This also includes prevention measures in restaurants, bars, kitchens, shops, and entertainment.

If you’re considering Check PricesRIU Ocho Rios then it’s also important to note that Jamaica just reopened its borders and visitors will require a travel authorization. In addition, the Ministry of Tourism for Jamaica implemented Resilience Protocols – 119 pages of actions to protect citizens, workers, and visitors with a focus on 8 areas including sanitization stations, face masks/PPE, physical distancing, clear/frequent communication, technology, monitoring/reporting, rapid response, and training.

Review the protocols for the all-inclusive resorts you’re considering and the destinations.  Some areas, like Jamaica per above, require travel authorization and many resorts will be checking temperatures with some requesting a covid test certificate.  There are some great opportunities for travel so be informed and check back here often for updates and new information. 

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