[Jake’s Tips] What if a Massive Storm hits on the day you travel?


Don’t you just hate Mother Nature sometimes?

Especially when you have been waiting all year to lose the snow shovel – and head for the beach

Below are some Tips on how the Travel Pros handle chaos….

In A Nutshell: Want a checklist of how the Travel Pros handle trip interruptions?  Below are tips from over 100 dog years of traveling to the beach.

AccuWeather’s crack team of meteorologists are pretty sure this Travel Season is going to be a triple threat – heavy snow, intense winds and freezing temperatures.

I just checked https://weather.com/ and the forecast calls for pain.  Just in time for my trip to Mehico on Wednesday.

I know….just what you wanted to hear.

Having been through enough flight cancellations to qualify for therapy, I asked our crack team of flyers what they do when SHTF and they have not had time to choke the neck on a bottle of Jack to eradicate their sorrows.

Here are some real world things to do to ward off some of the emotional trauma you experience when your flight flips from ‘On Time’ to ‘Delayed’ or ‘Canceled’.

Storms are no fun whenever they screw up your plans.

But there are things you can do to minimize the impact.

Read those tips (especially #1) and you will be 99% smarter than most travelers.

Hopefully if your flight is delayed the bars will be open.

That is how it looks from the Back Seat.

Travel safe and stay healthy.


P.S.   Everyone I know has a cold these days.  So lube up and wear a  stylish face mask.  (I know, I hate them too)

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