Best All Inclusives for Hikers

All-inclusive resort hiking in Virgin Islands National Park

“Hiking? I’ve been lying here on the beach drinking cocktails for three days and you want me to go hiking?”

Yep, hiking is actually a thing at some all-inclusive resorts…although it’s important to note that while off-site activities are (typically) not included in an all-inclusive vacation package, it’s generally easy and affordable to opt-in to some amazing opportunities to go hiking on vacation.

Best All Inclusive Hiking Resorts

Dreams Las Mareas, Costa Rica

Dreams Las Mareas Costa Rica
Dreams Resorts

Costa Rica is known for its blue waters, beautiful beaches, and lazy days of sun worshipping. But it’s also home to lush tropical rainforests and active volcanos, and a stay at Check PricesDreams Las Mareas offers opportunities for guided hikes throughout the 55 square-mile Rincon de la Vieja National Park, where, in addition to spectacular views of the volcano, you may be lucky enough to spot some of the wildlife that inhabits the park, such as cougars, jaguars, monkeys, kinkajous and many more species.

Couples Sans Souci, Jamaica

Blue Mountains hiking in Jamaica
Check PricesCouples Sans Souci is a great base for hikers of all ages and abilities. You can take part in the guided morning nature walks through the resort’s lush grounds, learning about the island’s flora and fauna. More experienced trekkers can head 25 miles to the Blue Mountains National Park (see photo above), where you’ll find Jamaica’s highest peak. Various hikes can be arranged with local tour groups, or you can trek independently. Dress for a strenuous hike and avoid trekking during the rainy season. Another option slightly further away to the west is Cockpit Country, a rugged area for hardened trekkers only.

Sandals Grande Saint Lucian

Capella Marigot mountain hiking

Saint Lucia is a fantastic Caribbean island for hiking, and if you’re staying at Check PricesSandals Grande St. Lucian you can combine a history lesson with an exhilarating and scenic hike, accompanied by well-trained guides, up to summit of Mount Pimard. Learn about the interesting and captivating history of St. Lucia as you walk through a WW2 military base to the summit of the mountain and experience the breathtaking panoramic views of your surroundings.

Caneel Bay Resort, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Hiking in Virgin Islands National Park
Check PricesCaneel Bay Resort is only all-inclusive if you pick the right package (the ‘Simply Caneel’ package, for example), and even then alcohol isn’t included. BUT if you’re a trekker who can stay off the booze for a few days, you’ll be in paradise. At least 60% of Saint John — the smallest of the three main U.S. Virgin Islands — falls within the protected area of the Virgin Islands National Park, one of the Caribbean’s trekking hotspots. There are trails for all abilities, including for children; the photo above shows a park ranger leading a kids group through the park. Caneel Bay is located on the park’s eastern fringe, so guests are never far from a trailhead or two, including popular trails like Lind Point, Caneel Hill and Cinnamon Bay. The park is littered with historic sites, including ruins of old plantations and ancient petroglyphs, so there’s always something new to see.

Secret Bay and Jungle Bay Resort, Dominica

Hiking at Secret Bay Resort in Dominica

Despite a lack of standard all-inclusive resorts on Dominica, this article would be incomplete without mentioning this mountainous Caribbean island nation. Dominica is home to the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean: the 115-mile Waitukubuli National Trail. The trail starts on the island’s north coast and winds all the way down to the south through 14 segments. To do the whole thing would take about two weeks — so you won’t be running out of trail anytime soon. Dominica is one of the lesser known and less touristy islands in the Caribbean, and true all-inclusive resorts are scarce. For northern segments of the trail, head up to Check PricesSecret Bay Resort on the northwest coast, where a dedicated villa attendant and concierge will take care of you during your stay. Then there’s Check PricesJungle Bay Resort (be sure to check out their new eco-villas) on the southeast coast, which has an all-inclusive option with no alcohol but a choice of daily tours, including hikes to the famous Boiling Lake.

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