Is Royalton Diamond Club worth it?

Royalton Diamond Clubs relieves Stress
Royalton Diamond Clubs relieves Stress

Almost everyone asks if the Royalton Diamond Club is worth it.

Here is our answer.

Yes and no.

‘No’, if you’re scrounging for cushion change to invest in dips in crypto and weed stocks.

But ‘Yes’, if you have a high-pressure job where you’re making decisions all day long – and you feel like your brain is going to explode.

In A Nutshell: You choose to upgrade to the Royalton Diamond Club because of the sense of ‘calm’ it brings to your life ….

The Royalton Diamond Club experience is much like flying First Class.

You’re on the same plane as everyone else and you get to your destination at the same time.

But damn… just feel better when you get there.

It’s the calm demeanor of those around you.

People who opt for the upgrade to the Diamond Club are people who want quiet time alone with themselves and their significant other(s).

It’s about simplifying your life.

It’s about focusing on the important things – and delegating the little stuff.

A quieter and more relaxed check-in and check-out process means you won’t feel like a member of the “take a number” crowd.

You don’t have to get up at 5:00a to race the rats down to the pool and throw towels all over your favorite beach lounger.  You have your own private pool area.

Your drinks arrive quickly – and, after a few days – they arrive before you know you need one. “Ahh, it’s good to be the King”, you think….or at least it’s good to be treated like one, without all those pesky responsibilities of running a monarchy.

I am not going to sit here and write out all the features and benefits of the Diamond Club. You can go to their website for that – here is the link to all the goodies at Check PricesMarriott Royalton Diamond Club.

People choose the Diamond Club because of how it makes them feel.

The quiet person next to you staring at the ocean is probably the owner of Mattress International……They are not worried about the price of gas….They are ruminating on all the input they have received about inflation, shrinkflation, stagflation, and the Great Resignation impact.

Or, they are thinking about nothing……and just enjoying the quiet time away from ‘that guy’ at the pool bar who forgot to hydrate.

I know you were expecting me to go over the Pro’s and Con’s of the Royalton Diamond Club upgrade.

But the more I thought about my last stay at the Hideaway at the Royalton Diamond Club section…..the more I realized that if I am going to spend time off the hamster wheel, I want to relax…..and delegate that little stuff.

Don’t expect to see me at 5:00a wrestling Hilda over her favorite beach chair.

‘I’ll keep the sand warm for ya’



Relax, rekindle and renew……don’t race, rage and ruin……Your time is precious

If you want to check the price difference, here is your link:

Check PricesAvailability & Prices


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