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Be honest. Hands up if you imagine the concept of all inclusive, to be similar to a cruise vacation? Smash that myth! That ship has sailed…the best all inclusive resorts are made for Millennials.

Best of the best


Booking an all inclusive break in 2017 is a million light years away from the all inclusive resorts of the past. Today, most folk love a bit of DIY, that is, vacation DIY. Research and choice is generally done online, the next vacation booked on an iPad during a coffee break. There’s so much choice, and operators have upped their game to stay ahead of the market. None more so than all inclusive vacation resorts, where the best continually strive to be better. Shrug off any preconceived ideas of boring buffets, older folk and budget breaks – just look at these best all inclusive resorts, bang up to date, and mostly attracting Millennials. Why? Ask Generation Y, the Net generation!

Online Millennials


A snapshot of Millennials would show us a generation who have grown up in an internet and electronics filled world – so they have received the most marketing attention, and are more clued-in than any preceding generation. Therefore Millennials expect more, and with a confidence that spills over into entitlement. They want the best, they want it now, and they’re optimistic. Business in general knows and nurtures this demographic, and the vacation industry is well aware, it’s shape up or ship out. All inclusive resorts are the perfect choice for Millennials, a resort with every whim under one roof is too good to resist, and the best all inclusive resorts have pushed the boat out. Feeling the hipster vibe? Let’s take a look inside…

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada

Spice Island Beach Resort

Grenada’s only recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award promises to bring a little spice to your life, and Millennials love it. Incorporating easily one of the finest spas in the Caribbean – designed by top architect and interior designer Kobi Karp –  Spice Island Beach Resort is the perfect place for high-powered hipster’s to switch off and kick back with the aroma of orange zest, coconut and of course, nutmeg, the island’s treasure. Ocean kayaking, WiFi, reefs and rain-forests – what more could a Millennial want?

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

It might be also family-friendly, but the Yucatan’s most spectacular vacation destination also appeals to young Millennials looking for an all-inclusive escape. Grand Velas Riviera Maya has it all, and then some. Private butler service, kayaking, scuba-diving, and – Ay! Caramba!  – Mexican food to make your taste buds sing! Native artwork, spa-like bathrooms, and a Spa, well, not just a spa…blog this, Pioneering Digital Nomad!

Edging the lush and spiritual jungle, our blissful Riviera Maya spa resort transports you to a world of well-being through a revolutionary hydrotherapy circuit including a clay room, ice room and experience pool, and features aromatic essences, flowers, candles and hot smooth stones. At the end of your spa journey, tension and stress will have melted away and inner peace reached.

Lily beach Resort and Spa, Maldives

Lily Beach Resort and Spa

Moving across to the Maldives, and Lily Beach Resort and Spa, which also happens to be one of the best dive sites in the world. Sporty Millennials will love it, set in the adorably named Huvahendoo. You never know what you’ll discover on one of the spectacular dives, perhaps even a hipster husband? Lily Beach Resort and Spa also does great weddings!

Secrets Aura, Cozumel

Secrets Aura Cozumel

Adults-only, offering unlimited luxury with not a single wristband in sight – no wonder Secrets Aura Cozumel is a hit with in-love Millennial couples. Those who cannot bear to be offline, should note:

Enjoy free Wi-Fi and free international calling to the US, Canada and Mexico with Unlimited Connectivity. The mobile app also allows you to view the schedules of all events, activities and restaurants at the resort, plus to learn about local destinations, excursions, and much more.

There’s limitless access to gourmet á la carte dining, no reservations required, oceanfront bars, and pool waiting service – all included. If you get bored – highly unlikely – there’s also free access to the pools, bars and restaurants next door, at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel.

Titilaka Lodge, Peru


The cradle of Inca civilization from a luxurious lakeside base is promised with a stay at Titilaka Lodge, in Peru. Explore Inca – and pre-Inca – ruins, and get the chance to visit a traditional community – your Instagram likes will fly! An eighteen room all-inclusive experience awaits back at the lodge, with comfortable rooms and contemporary cuisine. The original décor features funky craft-work from local artisans, and you can choose from King, Dawn, Dusk or corner rooms.

A recent survey shows that Millennials want more from their vacation. They want to spend less, have free WiFi, meet new people, and the all-inclusive market of today has it all wrapped up for them. Does it have enough to tempt you, too?

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