How to Lose Weight on an All Inclusive Vacation

How to lose weight on an all inclusive vacation

Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Weight Watchers, The Zone, Vegan, Raw Food, Pescatarian…and the list goes on!

If you’re dieting and going on an all-inclusive vacation you may wonder how you’ll stay true to the plan and healthy while on your journey. All-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico offer several dining venues and multiple bars so you’re apt to be lured in to the unlimited supply of food and drinks.

Fret not!

If you’re eating Paleo, you can go to the resort’s steakhouse or seafood restaurant, for example, and request a grilled or steamed preparation to stay Paleo-friendly. If you prefer vegan or pescatarian options, you’re covered, too. With the number of dining venues available at all-inclusive resorts you’re apt to find what you need and what you enjoy with very little modification.

For anyone on the Keto/low carb program you may need to ask how different items are prepared and you may want to bring a journal so you can keep track of your net carbs if you want to follow your program more closely. Vegetables, leafy greens, lean proteins and dairy products are readily available at the resort’s buffet and other dining venues. If you’re looking for snacks, like nuts and seeds, you may want to consider bringing them with you. Being prepared is always key to weight loss success whether you’re traveling or at home.

It is possible to stay on track and obtain satiety with this strategy and these healthy tips.

One plate rule:

Use One Plate to lose weight on vacation
When on the buffet line while traveling or at an event, I use one dinner plate for my complete meal (even salad and a dessert) and choose what I love. This ‘rule’ gives you the opportunity to choose your favorites and not give in to overeating. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

Healthy tip: Are you looking for something that isn’t on the menu that fits your dietary needs? Are you reducing your salt intake and want to know what’s in the fish dish? Ask. The resort staff is there for you.


Eat your colors:

Eat colorful food to lose weight on vacation
When traveling to the islands and Mexico seek out local produce. Try something exotic, eat a papaya, whole fruits, leafy green salads, veggie snacks.

Satiety is key: If you’re on the buffet line for lunch, enjoy the fresh veggies and some fruit and lean proteins. Enjoy the local seafood and fare of the area. In Mexico? Avoid the rice, beans and tortillas. Not sure about the calories in the salad dressing? Ask, or choose vinegar or a lemon wedge. And what about snacks? An all-inclusive resort will have food available during the day so consider veggie snacks, whole fruits, nuts, and plenty of water to help you avoid overeating at dinner time. Splurge on only one of the tiny-but-enticing dessert features like the chocolate dessert or brie, for example, per day.

Healthy tip: Practice mindful eating. Consider an orange, as an example. Take in the scent of the orange as you begin to peel it. Take notice. Slow down. Taste your food. Savor each bite. Mindful eating is a key component of weight loss.


Limit the unlimited:

Don't go overboard at an all inclusive, limit what you eat and drink
For Caribbean and Mexico all-inclusive resorts the calories from alcoholic drinks can add up due to the sugar content, especially if they’re the creamy and fruity drinks. Opt for light beers or vodka & club soda with a lime twist and consider one of the umbrella drinks for one of your splurges. Drink sparkling water with a lemon or lime wedge in between alcoholic drinks. If you prefer wine, consider wine with dinner as the options are usually better.

Healthy tip: Drink plenty of water and consider bringing your own eco-friendly water bottle. Water helps to remove toxins and keeps your body healthy and hydrated throughout the day.


Move your Body:

The key to losing weight at an all inclusive resort is getting exercise - move your body!
Resorts offer fitness centers and most are state-of-the-art, however, if you’re at a beach resort you have many more choices to get your exercise in (and it won’t feel like exercise!). Whether you choose to use the resort’s fitness center, take a walk on the beach, swim some laps, or take advantage of other activities, the key is to move your body and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.

Healthy tip: Resorts offer a number of activities during the day like yoga on the beach, Zumba, water aerobics, Latin Dancing and more. Engage in something new and you’ll have some fun while moving your booty!


Consider a Wellness-Focused All Inclusive

There are a number of all-inclusive resorts to consider when you want a complete focus on wellness, nutrition and weight loss. Resorts like Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa offer weight loss programs and opportunities to stay on your plan of a healthier life. All-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, like Rancho La Puerta, Zoetry, Le Blanc Spa, and The Body Holiday also offer wellness programming. The Body Holiday also offers customized diets and Ayurvedic cuisine.

Now that you know….

There are ways to eat healthy, move your body and enjoy your all-inclusive holiday without losing momentum on your weight loss journey. Prepare, create your strategy and enjoy your vacation…guilt free! So go ahead and relax at the pool. Try new activities. This is your unstructured time to reconnect with yourself, have some fun and do what brings you joy.

What are your healthy tips for losing weight while traveling? Tell us in the comments!

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