Best All Inclusives in Miches, Dominican Republic

Miches Beaches
Miches Beaches

Remember when Cabo went from a sleepy fishing village to a Celebrity Hangout?

And when Cancun Hotel Zone was the hip place to vacay?

I flew into Punta Cana in the DR when the airport terminal was a thatched hut with no air conditioning (and it wasn’t that long ago in dog years).

That is what Miches feels like……It’s like time has stood still.

Until now……Because the All-Inclusive Resort Chains have found this idyllic world that is only a 1 hour drive from the Punta Cana airport.

In A Nutshell:  Miches, Dominican Republic is exploding with construction.   The resort world has caught on to the unspoiled beautiful beaches about 1 hours drive North from Punta Cana and they have fired up construction  crews.   If you never had a chance to meet Robinson Crusoe, then head to Miches and look around.   I am sure he is in a hammock on the beach just chillin’.

Here is a list of the Best All Inclusives in Miches.

The first All-Inclusive Resort on the scene was Club Med – which opened November 2019. 

They always seem to find the coolest places first.

Take a look at this layout and beaches.

Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda
Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda

And then Original Resorts took over Sunrise Resort and tried to make it a Temptations Miches (and then a Desire Miches).

But that did not go as planned – so they bailed out and passed the baton to Marriott.

Marriott will be opening its renovated Marriott Miches, a 498 room resort on 4 miles of white sand in early 2025.

Below is a rendering of what Marriott is proposing.  Sorry I don’t have better images but that is what happens when you’re first on the scene.

Marriott Miches
Marriott Miches

Now Hilton is building a brand new resort called Zemi Miches by Hilton.

Hilton has jumped into the deep end of the All-Inclusive Resort industry and they are working overtime to catch up with Marriott and Hyatt’s new plans to grow their All-Inclusive resorts rapidly.

Hilton has said they will be taking reservations for the Zemi Miches in February 2025.

Take a look at this beach and the resort layout ……

Zemi Miches by Hilton
Zemi Miches by Hilton

And then we have the Viva Miches by Wyndham on the beautiful Playa Esmerelda which is scheduled to open in December 2024.

Since it is brand new you can expect it to be incredible when they are done with construction.

When we get a pic of beach we will post it for you, so check back.

Viva Miches by Wyndham
Viva Miches by Wyndham

You can book the Club Med, but the Marriott, Hilton and Viva are not taking reservations yet……

We will update you when they are ready to rock!

Check to see if the Club Med is in your budget:

Check PricesAvailability & Prices

We will update you when the Marriott Miches, Zemi Miches and Viva Miches by Wyndham are ready to open! (And if you subscribe – form in our footer – we’ll also let you know when the deals start flying….)

So far all these resorts are scheduled to be Family Friendly.

We will let you know if an Adults-Only brand makes their move on Miches.

Before a shiny object grabs you, take a look at this 1 minute drone view of the beaches.

I’ll keep Miches warm for ya…..


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“A vacation is what you take – when you can no longer take what you have been taking.”

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