Makeover: RIU Palace Punta Cana

Makeover - Riu Palace Punta Cana
Makeover - Riu Palace Punta Cana

Gotta love a good remodel.

Mother Nature takes a toll on anything in a warm, ocean front climate.

So 6 years with no maintenance and the critters will own any property.

In the case of the Riu Resorts, they don’t mess around when they remodel.

Out with the old and in with whatever the designers feel is the latest hip look.

In a nutshell: I was living down the street from the Riu Tequila in Playa del Carmen when they remodeled this spring. They literally shredded buildings – and what they rebuilt was stunning….The Riu Palace Punta Cana is no different.

Before……..Boogy Nights
Junior Suite Sea View Before Renovations

After …….Happy Days
Rendering of a Junior Suite After Renovations

You will find 676 rooms…..not sure why they did not stop at 666.

They nixed the bathtubs for large walk-in showers.

Added a new RiuLand kids club with slides and 3 new pools.

Built La Bodega, a new Spanish restaurant, and topped off the remo with

a new gym, sauna and spa for your body image pleasures.

And, Best of All!    Riu is having some reopening specials.  Like $96 a night.

Book 08/01/18 – 12/23/18 and save some of that hard earned cheese.

Check out re-opening Riu discounts here.

Oh….1 more thing……Of all properties I have visited, Riu’s do the best job of arranging palm trees on the beach…..

I used to go to the Riu Palace in Playacar just to hang out under the palms and pound double espressos as the sun came up.

Of course I was on my way to bed.

Sleep habits get rearranged when your living on manana’ time.

If the airfare to Punta Cana gives your credit card the bends,

Check out the newest Riu Dunamar in Costa Mujeres (20 mins north of Cancun on a cool beach)

You can catch a charter flight out of many US cities for half the price the airlines charge.

Here are some of my tips for backdooring the cheapest airfares.

That’s how it looks from the Back Seat….


I’ll keep the sand warm for ya……


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