Cockpit Country in Limbo Land

How low can you go?

Brush off the limbo stick because Jamaicans are still waiting to see if the government will take the steps necessary to protect a vital part of the island.

It has been eight years and two political administrations, but Jamaicans are still waiting for a decision about how the government intends to handle the environmentally sensitive Cockpit Country.

A decision was promised in June 2016 by Daryl Vaz, who is responsible for land, environment and climate change in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation.

There has been no news about the situation until recently, however, as Colonel Oral Khan, chief technical director in the Ministry said that the Cockpit Country issue is “still very much alive.”

Negotiations concerning the definition of boundaries are ongoing for the area, which is rich in biological diversity and a major source of fresh water for Jamaicans.

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