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The days of speedo wearing, – sarong wrapped – buffet scarfers is officially over.

Food at all inclusive resorts has changed.

For one major reason.

Almost every successful resort generates revenue from Vacation Clubs or residential real estate.

No one is going to drop $30k on a vacation club or $300k on a condo if the resort is a bug ridden dump with 3 day old buffets oozing unusual smells.

Its done, over, fini.

And up from the ashes rises GIVC.   Gourmet Inclusive Vacation Cuisine……by Karisma.

Karisma Resorts was one of the first to start a grow in their back yard to supply organic chemical free produce for your palate.

Michelin trained Executive Chefs are now de rigueur.

Others that threw down were:

Grupo Excellence, Palace Resorts, Hard Rock All Inclusives, Couples, AMResorts, Sandals & Beaches, ….the list goes on and on and on.

In fact Palace Resorts has a food preparation facility that has won every designation imaginable.

And it’s not just the 5-Star resorts that are changing their buffet ways.

Every all-inclusive up and down the food chain has had to jack up the quality and presentation of their food.

They have to…….with the huge investment required to build new – state of the art – All Inclusive facilities,

do you think they are going to serve roadkill with a side of Montezuma’s Revenge?

They can’t afford to have their food end up on the wrong end of a Tripadvisor review.

So fear not and venture forth…….

Executive Chefs are watching out for you…..and their reputation.


I’ll keep the plate warm for you…….


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